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HL Coefficient of determination (R²)5 September 2019

This topic follows on from Pearson's (r) Limitations and SL Spearman's Rank. To choose between competing mathematical models we need some measurement of their success in predicting the observed data. more

HL Coefficient of determination - Exam Qu4 September 2019

The following exam style questions aim to give you an idea of what you can expect for this topic in your exams. You can print the page by choosing 'print this page' from the menu on the rgiht OR you can... more

HL Coefficient fo determination - practice4 September 2019

The following practice questions are focused on checking, and developing, your understanding of the key ideas on this topic. You can print the page by choosing 'print this page' from the menu on the right... more

Logarithms-Conceptual Beginnings+IA ideas29 August 2019

Have you worked it out yet: 984 876 543 210 x 875 622 375 933 ? Compare methods in the class - have we all used the same method? Now compare your answers, are they all the same?Most people tend to make... more

Aircraft - Exploration marksfree22 August 2019

The difference between the marks below and the 'Project' marks can be explained, and relatively easily improved, by addressing the points mentioned in the 'Writing a Studies style project with the Exploration... more

Gun Crime - Exploration marksfree22 August 2019

This project provides a useful example of the below key differences in the current exploration marking criteria compared to the Studies Project. B - Mathematical communication(i) predictions using a greater... more

New 'Exploration' Internal Assessmentfree22 August 2019

The below, and linked pages, aims to help Studies teachers understand the similarities and differences between the current Studies 'Projects' and the current (to be updated once the 'new exploration criteria'... more

Popular Lyrics - Exploration marksfree22 August 2019

This was always an interesting idea and the candidate was determined to pursue it, despite the fact that the available data, whilst good, was likely to limit the potential of the project. These issues... more

Human Development - Exploration marksfree22 August 2019

This Project serves to highlight the below differences between a 'Project' and an 'Exploration'.C - Personal Engagement and the Projects criterion B - Information/MeasurementIssues pertaining to data... more

GDP and Fertility Exploration marksfree22 August 2019

This Project highlights some of the key differences between criterion G: Notation and Terminology, compared to criterion B: Mathematical communication, for the Exploration.B - Mathematical communication:... more