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Probability Trees TNfree27 September 2016

This activity is about bridging the gap between the intuition of sample space diagrams and the efficiency of tree diagrams. Students will look at a problem from the two points of view, play with multiplying... more

Probability Treesfree27 September 2016

'Use what you already to know to see just how and why probability tree diagrams work'Probability is a topic that moves very quickly from that which is easily understood and intuitive to something seemingly... more

Fairground Games27 September 2016

'Fairground games are not fair!!! - Play with experimental probabilities'Design a fairground/carnival game so that it is possible to win but the odds are heavily stacked in your favour. People have got... more

Dopey Logic - TN27 September 2016

It is a real challenge to find meaningful contexts for symbolic logic and truth tables. The topic is completely fascinating, but the mechanics of the truth tables can be learned and regurgitated without... more

Dopey Logicfree27 September 2016

'Can you make a sound and valid argument for the legalisation of Marijuana?'The 'legalise it' debate is one that is regularly in the news these days. What are your views? What arguments do you back your... more

Web Venns27 September 2016

'What makes a good venn diagram?'Not surprisingly, the internet is full of Venn diagrams. They range from Highly complex to just plain funny with all sorts of categories in between. This page is really... more

Nerf gun roulette27 September 2016

OK, so we need to get past the sinister angle of the play on Russian Roulette and just take this as a bit of fun that will help us to think about and explore the different conditions that can affect probability.... more

Logic, Sets & Probability26 September 2016

'A guide for for teaching! Ideas and resources and lessons to look forward to'A fantastic element of the course, this unit gives importance to a part of Mathematics that is otherwise easily overlooked.... more

Focus - Cumulative Frequency26 September 2016

This topic is all about these two related tools for helping us look at how a data set is spread out. Learn about filling in cumulative frequency tables, plotting the corresponding curves and using the... more

Focus - Chi Squared26 September 2016

The chi squared independence tests is a widely used technique for looking for a relationship between variables that are categorical. We can use a scatter graph to look for a relationship between GDP and... more