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Independence day TN26 September 2016

This paragraph generally outlines the possible benefits and advantages of this activity. The reasons why it might be engaging and why it might help students to understand the mathematics being investigated. more

Independence Day26 September 2016

'Is political persuasion dependent on Gender? How can we tell - an introduction to independence tests'When two data sets are numerical we can look for correlation using scatter graphs and linear regression... more

Olympic Circles26 September 2016

'Making infographics based on the Olympic Circles - Is it really a level playing field?'' The five circles of the Olympic emblem were originally designed to represent the five participating continents... more

Comparing Data Distributions - TNfree26 September 2016

Use this fun, fictional set of results on a number of levels! Processing data, calculating averages, quartiles, ranges and more. Most importantly this resource is great for comparing distributions. The... more

Literacy Rates and 1 Variable Data26 September 2016

'How do Literacy Rates vary around the worldPage under constructionThis is the beginning of an activity that can be used to explore how 1 variable analysis can be applied in context. Taught as stand alone... more

UK Number ones26 September 2016

'What has changed about popular music in the last 60 years? - a mini project'Anyone who likes their music will want to look at this database and test out their theories on how popular music has changed.... more

Real independence testsfree26 September 2016

'Get students doing Independence with real, live data to add meaning to this topic'Advances in technology, the Internet and social networking have given us many new opportunities to bring real, live data... more

Educating Linear regression26 September 2016

What is happening to access to education?This all comes from helping my 11 year old with some homework she had to do about access to education across the globe. My first thought was to go to Gapminder... more

Box plots - teachers notes26 September 2016

I wanted to put a separate page for teachers on this activity to stop the outside chance of a student getting a sneak preview of what we might be up to! Sometimes I think it is worth keeping a few things... more

Statistics Teaching Ideasfree26 September 2016

Here you should find a wealth of resources that can be used by you and your students for teaching this topic. The resources at the top of the page are activities and investigations aimed at creating a... more