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Statistics26 September 2016

'A guide for for teaching! Ideas and resources and lessons to look forward to'This page is good for both the 'Descriptive Statistics' and 'Statistical Applications' units in the new syllabus and the 'Statistics'... more

Financial Mathematics26 September 2016

This is one of the most obviously relevant parts of the course and from my experience, students show an appreciation for that. That said, very few students are actually involved with borrowing and investing... more

Focus on - Geometric Sequences26 September 2016

The Geometric sequence is a fundamental bit of mathematics that is an inherent part of exponential growth and decay. Their properties are simple in nature but they are often counter intuitive. The key... more

Focus - Sets of numbers26 September 2016

This topic is about the the 4 key sets and subsets of our number system. This as fundamental bit of mathematics that can be easily lost if not covered properly. Students need to explore the notion of... more

Dr Who - TN23 September 2016

This is a really absorbing and engaging puzzle that is rich with interesting mathematical behaviour. The essential learning objective for this activity is about scale factors of enlargement and repeated... more

Dr Who23 September 2016

'Recreate this space age animation to discover the mathematics behind it!' This task is really easy to explain! Watch the videos below and try to recreate them using dynamic geometry software. Of course,... more

In the Money TN23 September 2016

Winning money generally provides an engaging context quickly and the 30 second decision piles pressure on the intuitive skills! Even amongst those that opt for the exponential options there is surprise... more

In The Money23 September 2016

'Seconds to make up your mind! - Have fun with this hypothetical problem of sequences'A long lost relative wants to share their fortune with you! There are 4 different options about how to receive your... more

Visual Sequences TNfree23 September 2016

Arithmetic sequences can be wonderfully intuitive and lend themselves nicely to wanting to generalise. Attaching a physical representation to them gives a helpful meaning. The practical task and the blank... more

Buying & Selling23 September 2016

'How do exchange bureaus make money out of currency exchange?'This is a short activity that aims to answer the question above. It is not something we always stop to think about but we probably should.... more