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Rogue Trader23 September 2016

'Imagine being able to go back in time and invest a fortune in currency! What would you put your money in to? Now is your chance'The audience for these pages is students and teachers. This paragraph will... more

Big & Small Numbers23 September 2016

'What is the biggest number you know? What is the smallest? How can we work with such extreme numbers?'Mathematics knows few limits! We can go on and on describing even bigger and even smaller numbers... more

Percentage Error - TN23 September 2016

The concept of relative error is really very important and can really mess with our minds when presented in different contexts. How can a bigger error be less significant? In this activity students get... more

Percentage Error23 September 2016

'Percentage Error - Wrong, but how wrong? How do we judge the significance of an error?'Given that the vast majority of descriptive numbers are rounded and/or estimated its really worth stopping to think... more

Exactly - TN23 September 2016

Rounding to a given number of significant figures is a very important part of the Maths studies course because 3 significant figures is the default degree of accuracy required. As such it should be second... more

Exactly22 September 2016

'Explore the role of estimation and rounding in our society - Leading to significant figures'Numbers are a crucial descriptive tool that surround every aspect of our daily lives. How many of the numbers... more

Percentage Perception22 September 2016

'What do these errors in perception really tell us?'Think about the country you live in. For every 100 people that live in your country, how many of them do you think are Muslim? How many are Christian?... more

N&A Teaching ideasfree22 September 2016

Here you should find a wealth of resources that can be used by you and your students for teaching this topic. The resources at the top of the page are activities and investigations aimed at creating a... more

Number & Algebra22 September 2016

'A guide for for teaching! Ideas and resources and lessons to look forward to'This page is good for the 'Number and Algebra' units from both the new and previous syllabi! There is also a sub-section for... more

September 201422 September 2016

Teachers in the Northern Hemisphere have just been through the first cycle of the new syllabus and will be adjusting their radars accordingly. The changes to the syllabus were not huge, but there were... more