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January 2015free22 September 2016

Well the Christmas brought some great gifts for the classroom! First up - The 6 barrel Nerf Gun was at the top of the list. Apart from being compulsively good fun, this toy provides an excellent opportunity... more

Activity Page template22 September 2016

'This sentence should give the user a quick nutshell of what the activity is about'The audience is for these pages is students and teachers. This paragraph will introduce the activity as though a students... more

Connections22 September 2016

This page is intended to offer suggestions about how Maths Studies teachers can keep current and get regular new ideas and inspirations. Most Maths teachers, I am sure, have experienced the type of professional... more

Task Designfree21 September 2016

The Mathematical ExperienceThis page is a discussion about 'What makes a good task?' The aim is to present the features of good activity that create powerful, effective and long lasting mathematical experiences... more

Conferences & Workshopsfree21 September 2016

ConferencesThis page gives a summary of some events and conferences that I am appearing at and serves as a resource sharing page for those events at the same time........ more

Teaching Mathematics21 September 2016

Teaching IB Mathematical Studies is just a part of what most of us do and we likely apply the same philosophy of teaching across the different courses. It is my intention that this page eventually becomes... more

Internet Applications21 September 2016

As internet access becomes more and more available at greater and greater speeds, the significance of web based software applications becomes equally magnified. All interaction with these applications... more

Software21 September 2016

The following page is intended as a first stage guide for teachers on software that is available for teaching and learning mathematics. This is increasingly relevant as technology in Mathematics teaching... more

Hardware20 September 2016

While debate rages in school finance meetings about the educational return on hardware investments, this section focuses on what the options are and what each of them bring to the teaching and learning... more

Technology20 September 2016

The pages in this section are more general to mathematics teaching rather than the Maths Studies course in particular, but as such are very relevant to any teacher of this course and schools who offer... more