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How to?20 September 2016

The following are some suggestions about where to get information on how to perform the functions on your calculator. This exists in a number of places and so I have decided not to recreate on this site... more

Calculator Skills20 September 2016

As I teacher, what I most want to know, is what skills should my students be fluent with? Where can the calculator save them time and limit error? And what are they expected to do with their calculators... more

Calculators20 September 2016

The Graphical Display calculator is an essential tool for students studying this course and is very much a part of the philosophy of the course. The calculator allows students to process some Mathematics... more

2012 The last syllabus change20 September 2016

As many readers will know, there was a new syllabus and a new set of associated documentation to go with IB Mathematical studies from September 2012. This is part of the IB cycle that reviews the curriculum... more

Pre - Course Task20 September 2016

'Get students thinking about mathematics and statistics before they start the course'I have often wondered about what would make a good pre-course task for Mathematical Studies students. HL and SL is... more

Guide to Documentation19 September 2016

The following page is intended as a brief and useful guide to exactly what documents Maths Studies teachers should have read and/or have to hand, what they are useful for and at what point they are needed.... more

Course Administration19 September 2016

This section of the site, simply goes over some of the key aspects of administering the course. There are many things to think about in order to plot a successful path through and these pages provide... more

Schemes of Work19 September 2016

How and where to fit this course into the time allowed is a constant concern for most teachers. If you are an experienced teacher of Maths Studies then you have probably arrived at numerous versions of... more

Focus on SOHCAHTOA18 September 2016

This part of trigonometry can be seen in the recurring relationships between the sides of right angles triangles. The relationship means that we can use two bits of information about a triangle to work... more

Focus on stationary points and optimisation13 July 2016

In this section we look at how calculus is used to find the local maximum and minimum values of functions and, as such, how that is used to optimise. This is done both in the abstract and in context but... more