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Focus on Tangents and Normals28 June 2016

In this unit we look at find the equations of tangents and normals to curves, increasing and decreasing functions and the second derivative. All this builds on the fundamental notion that calculus tells... more

Focus on Linear Models12 November 2015

Commonly seen in the form y = f(x) = mx + c where m represents the gradient/rate of change of the function and c is the y-intercept, where x = 0. These models are a fundamental bit of algebra that come... more

Focus on Topic6 October 2015

This paragraph introduces the sub-topic with both students and teachers in mind. Thus there is a joint audience. There is a teacher specific bit at the bottom. The idea is that these pages become the... more

GDC Treasure Huntfree30 September 2015

This is a fun context for helping students review their calculator skills. The whole thing is set up as a treasure hunt with 10 clues, where each clue involves solving a problem with the GDC. It is also... more

Mathematical Quotesfree11 September 2015

There are hundreds of great mathematical quotes from all kinds of people and this is just the beginning of a collection. They make for some excellent classroom display and just reading them out loud from... more

Mathematics in the Media10 September 2015

The internet age, along with an ever increasing interest in making mathematics more accessible has given rise to some terrific sources for discussing and engaging people with mathematics. This page is... more

Validity24 July 2015

This is an important 'Must have mark' that everyone can get if they just pay attention to what is required!ScoreDescription0You have not mentioned validity at all or shown any awareness that it is an... more

Information14 July 2015

This is the section where you need to tell the whole story about the information you collected and used for the project.ScoreDescription0There is no actual information or data and no evidence of any attempt... more

Introduction8 July 2015

This is the first of 7 criterion on which the project will be marked. This sets the tone for everything that follows.ScoreDescription0There is no clear statement about what the project is about – No... more

Distance Time Graphs26 April 2015

This is a rough outline of an activity that can be used to introduce the concept of Calculus. This is obviously a really key moment. I think it is very difficult to make progress with this topic if you... more