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Student Placement1 April 2015

This page is about helping students to make the right choice of Mathematics courses at IB. The information will be useful when you are talking to pre-IB classes who are in the process of making their... more

Tell us what you think.free3 March 2015

A huge thank you to subscribers! I have enjoyed a lot of positive feedback from users already and am determined to get more by continuing to provide a whole range of resources to help teach this course... more

Site Developmentfree14 January 2015

This page is ultimately intended to keep users informed about what updates and changes they might expect from the site in the future. As I have already stated in a number of places, the advantage of web... more

Newslettersfree9 January 2015

This is an index of regular newsletters about the IB Mathematical Studies courseA couple of fun ideas to kick off the year, great stuff from the web and some reflection on the new Approaches to Teaching... more

Notes Filesfree3 January 2015

As mentioned before, these files have arisen from looking for a solution to note taking in class. The result has become a useful revision tool. I did not want to spend time creative comprehensive notes... more

Mutilated Chess Board8 December 2014

The mutilated chessboard problem provides a lovely opportunity for students to experience the stages of problem solving that end up with proof. I highly recommend letting students have a go at this and... more

Human Sudokufree8 December 2014

This is a great activity to try with all IB Mathematics students to help understand some of the ideas and issues associated with axioms and theorems which is, of course, at the heart of Mathematical knowledge.... more

Aims and Objectives7 December 2014

Every teacher of IB Mathematics should be aware of the 'Aims and Objectives' of group 5 subjects. More than that I think we and our students should constantly reminded of what they are so that they are... more

About Maths Studies3 December 2014

Mathematical studies is one of the the Mathematics courses available for students in group 5 of the IB hexagon. It is a standard level course and as such is weighted equally with Mathematics SL (Standard... more

Site News & Informationfree16 November 2014

This section houses general news and information about this website and its development. See the sub-pages below or from the menu on the left for more details.This carousel that runs on the homepage shows... more