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Models - New Syllabus 20197 November 2018

With changes just around the corner, this page is to help us all understand what changes are coming and the new syllabus compares with the old syllabus. There is already a lot of information available... more

Human Development7 November 2018

This is a great example of the Human Geography theme for projects. The candidate chose an area of deep interest to them and completed a detailed, but concise project that has produced interesting and... more

A project journey7 November 2018

This page is designed to give an example of how students might go from an idea or an inspiration to an actual project that fits the criteria. As teachers we have to work hard to keep this journey on track... more

Sequences 2 - Solutions17 October 2018

This page offers solutions to the set of IB style questionsThe first 4 terms of an arithmetic sequence are shown below3, 9, 15, 21Solution\(a)\quad 27\quad (Common\quad difference\quad is\quad 6)\\ b)\quad { U }_{ n }={ U }_{ 1 }+d(n-1),\quad So\quad { U }_{ n }=3+6(n-1)\\ \quad \quad \quad So\quad { U }_{ 100 }=597\\ c)\quad { S }_{ n }=\frac { n }{ 2 } ({ 2U }_{ 1 }+d(n-1))\\ \quad \quad \quad { S }_{ 30 }=\frac { 30 }{ 2 } (2\times 3+6(30-1))\\ \quad \quad \quad { S }_{ 30 }=2700\)A geometric Sequence has all its terms positive. The... more

Non Statistics projects10 October 2018

Before going any further it is probably important to talk about some of the perceived barriers to non stats projects so that we can think about how to overcome them.Relevance and interest - I think that... more

Mathematics is Forever8 October 2018

In this lovely talk from Eduardo Saenz de Cabezon, he explores what it is for something to be truly 'forever'. It is a really good humoured talk. it is short and very approachable, but it includes a pretty... more

Visual Sequencesfree1 October 2018

'Get out the multilink cubes and literally build an understanding of arithmetic sequences'Build a visual representation of the sequence 1, 5, 9, 13. What does it look like? What have your colleagues build?... more

Arithmetic Sum1 October 2018

'Use cubes to do a lovely proof of the sum of an arithmetic sequence!'You need to know how to use and apply the formula for the sum of an arithmetic sequence but here you can go one better by understanding... more

Focus - Arithmetic Sequences27 September 2018

Arithmetic sequences, those where each term differs from the previous by the same common difference, are a key conceptual element of the course. Strongly linked with linear growth, this important idea... more

Human Venn Diagrams19 September 2018

'Where do you fit on the giant Venn Diagram?'Help students get to grips with Venn diagrams by making a giant one with playground chalk, coming up with different ways of classifying themselves and jumping... more