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Focus on correlation and regression4 January 2018

The search for meaningful relationships between two variables. Here we take the leap from 1 variable to 2 variable data analysis. In any given survey we collect data for a number of 'items' surveyed.... more

Meeting Functions12 December 2017

'Get to the heart of what functions are about by matching these inputs, equations and outputs together - a 'simple' matching activity!'Its easy to study functions at this level and forget what they are... more

Calculus Internet Guide22 November 2017

This page is intended to list and outline some of the best resources available online to support the teaching and learning of this module. These will mostly be videos, virtual manipulatives and articles.... more

Pyramid Volume17 November 2017

This activity is about understanding the relationship between the volume of a pyramid and the volume of an associated prism. We know that volume of a pyramid is given by one third of the area of the base... more

Dancing Quadraticsfree8 November 2017

'Call the dancing! Get these quadratics in order and make them dance the way they should!'Watch the videos below and work out what features of the functions involved are changing to make them 'dance'... more

Frequency Distribution Match24 October 2017

In order to think about the properties of a ‘Normal’ distribution, it is probably important to consider the whole notion of a statistical distribution. In this activity, we will do just that! The... more

Project Inspiration18 October 2017

The idea of a Mathematical project or investigation is something that always really excites a lot of Maths teachers, but often Maths Studies students need a little bit more persuasion to get excited.... more

Wisdom of the crowdfree6 October 2017

Give us 5 minutes of your time. Watch the videos below and fill in the short questionnaire with your guesses below! Get the live data for yourselves!We've all played 'Guess how many sweets there are in... more

The 6 million questionfree17 September 2017

Big numbers present us with a real challenge! How do we understand their size and the significance of what they represent? Once numbers get past a certain size this gets harder and harder. One, two, three,... more

Volume and Surface Area17 September 2017

This section is all about the volume and surface area of prisms, cylinders, pyramids, cones and spheres! All of these shapes has their own unique properties and this section is about understanding and... more