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New Internal Assessment - a Comparisonfree22 August 2019

The below, and linked pages, aims to help Studies teachers understand the similarities and differences between the current Studies 'Projects' and the current (to be updated once the 'new exploration criteria'... more

Applications HL Scheme of Work21 August 2019

The new HL syllabus covers 240 hours of lessons (including the 30 hours of "mathematical toolkit"). There is a lot of new material in the applications course - how much is new will depend, at least to... more

SL Voronoi Diagramsfree15 August 2019

In a volcanically active region (like the island of Montserrat), which place is the furthest away from all existing volcanoes? (and hence, possibly, the safest place to live).Which areas of the city are... more

Toxic Waste Dump problemfree15 August 2019

'Can Voronoi diagrams help us select a site that is as far as possible from all existing sites?'Russia’s Kamchatka peninsula has one of the highest densities of volcanoes in the world. The map, in the... more

Voronoi - Exam style15 August 2019

The following questions are designed to give you experience of the style of questions you are likely to find in your final IB Applications and interpretation exam. more

Voronoi - Practice15 August 2019

The following questions are designed to be used alongside the teacher presentation to practice a range of voronoi questions you are likely to be asked in exams. more

Which Calculator (GDC) is best?free12 August 2019

The IB works hard, alongside the calculator manufacturers, to try and ensure that no calculator confers an advantage over another.If you're pushed for time, above is our summary for each of the three... more

Geometry & Trig GDCfree12 August 2019

Video Tutorials/Activities for the TiNspire and Casio (HP Prime to follow . . . .).Below you will find links to a growing number of video tutorials on how to use your TiNspire or Casio calculator, for... more

Marking & Moderationfree11 August 2019

This page is intended to offer guidance and advice for the marking and moderation of Internal Assessment projects that should be considered a practical elaboration of information included in IB documentation.... more

Aims for the new courses9 August 2019

Here you can find the files available for download1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12... more