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Instagram User10 September 2014

This project is a good example of how a students who struggles with some of the more complex mathematical ideas get get both a decent mark and a useful experience from doing the Maths Studies Project.... more

Goal Scoring Ability27 August 2014

This project is quite a typical example of one where the student has done well but struggled with the details involved in writing a coherent mathematical report. The project involves the collection of... more

BCME 8 - Post 16 Mathsfree20 April 2014

'What could compulsory mathematics look like?' This page is designed to go with the session I am running at the BCME 8 conference in Nottingham, April 2014. What could compulsory post 16 mathematics... more

Impossible Triangles TNfree4 September 2013

These are just a few notes about this activity as well as the solutions (see table below)! This is activity is so simple in nature that there is not a great need for lots of discussion here. I just... more

Crow Flies26 March 2013

'Thinking about the distance between two points and Pythagoras theorem' Which of the lines in the picture is the longest? How can you tell? Are any of them the same length? How do you know? We can all... more

Tower of Hanoi - TN1 February 2013

This is a terrific activity that is instantly engaging, approachable for everybody and goes on to reveal a great example of an exponential sequence. If you have never tried to do it yourself then you... more

Meeting Functions TN1 February 2013

This activity is a good example of old meets new! Students essentially work with cut out bits of paper to match inputs, outputs and functions together, but they are expected to be using their calculators... more

Choosing a theme29 January 2013

The aim of this task is to help choose, narrow down and decide upon a project idea that really suits you and has the potential to help you achieve your best. Its a difficult task but can be made easy... more

Project Checklist29 January 2013

This is intended as a guide that you can use to check the work you have done and if you have included important elements that can help you get better marks on your projects. The following are suggestions... more

The Worldwide IB Maths Studies Classroom28 January 2013

The Worldwide IB Mathstudies classroom - a rationale The following is my attempt to outline a rationale for a new project to network students of the IBs Mathematical Studies course around the globe.WhatA... more