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Information30 July 2010

In order to answer any questions there are in your project theme or idea you will need to have some information, measurement or data to help you do it. Having picked a theme or idea, you now need to... more

Reflection30 July 2010

This is a brief task to be carried out mid project with aim of getting you to reflect on how your project is progressing and consider some improvements you could make. It consists simply of a list of... more

Plan and Schedule30 July 2010

At this point, you should probably have Now you just need to need to make a sound plan about how you are going to complete all of this in the time frame available to you without leaving too much to the... more

Specific Potential30 July 2010

This is a major milestone in your projects. Identifying the specific aspects of the mathematical analysis that you will do is very important. If you cant do that at this stage then you may need to reconsider... more