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CAS Ideas8 January 2019

A quick note about CAS. As a teacher and a parent of IB students I think, on balance, that CAS is a terrific thing and am glad it is part of the whole picture. There are some downsides though and these... more

Marked Projectsfree16 December 2018

The aim of these pages is provide some examples for teachers of projects that have been completed, the marks they were awarded and the justification for those marks. The more such examples we have seen,... more

Meat Consumption16 December 2018

This student was highly interested in this topic and I was pleased with their choice and direction. It is simple, but relevant and to the point. In the end I was disappointed that that the candidate put... more

Popular Lyricsfree2 December 2018

This was always an interesting idea and the candidate was determined to pursue it, despite the fact that the available data, whilst good, was likely to limit the potential of the project. I did warn the... more

Speed18 November 2018

This candidate is a passionate sports person and was properly motivated to collect data and explore this. They showed a good deal of commitment in attempting to do so. I had warned that the potential... more

Oscars7 November 2018

Although we have seen movies as a subject before I felt this offered an original angle first, by focussing on the sample of the 90 best film winners and also because of the attempt to put the numbers... more

Curriculum Review and 2019free7 November 2018

Many of you will know that the IB diploma program has a review policy that means it reviews its curriculum every 7 years. The goal is to make sure that the curriculum evolves with demands and it is, for... more

Focus on Logic7 November 2018

This is a unique unit that provides an excellent opportunity to get to the heart of key mathematical principles. There are some rich links with the theory of knowledge course and of course with sets and... more

Focus on correlation and regression7 November 2018

The search for meaningful relationships between two variables. Here we take the leap from 1 variable to 2 variable data analysis. In any given survey we collect data for a number of 'items' surveyed.... more

Human Developmentfree7 November 2018

This is a great example of the Human Geography theme for projects. The candidate chose an area of deep interest to them and completed a detailed, but concise project that has produced interesting and... more