Statistics Internet Guide


This page is intended to offer a selection of some excellent sources for videos, virtual manipulatives and weblinks that are freely available on the internet....

Statistics in Context

The following videos can be used to show students some of the things that people are doing with statistics. It helps to reinforce with students that the skills they are learning are really being used out there to make progress!

The Happy Planet index - This is a great TED talk from Nic Marks who is behind the project,  Happy Planet Index. In the talk, he explains the motivation behind the project, the maths behind the index and some of the interesting results that have come up!

The Mathematics of War - Sean Gourley talks for 7 minutes about how his team collected data from news streams about battles and casualties. They studied the patterns in the data trying to establish a pattern and suggest that being able to predict what might happen has a role in stopping it!

Information is beautiful - David McCandless talks about his project for visualising data and the art of presenting it in different ways. He talks about the sources he uses for collecting data and the role of this type of activity in future developments.

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