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Practice Questions

This page has a variety of tasks designed for practice and revision. Practice questions are an important part consolidating students' understanding of a concept. They can be found from numerous sources and the following is not intended as a 'fix all' solution. Most teachers appreciate that questions gathered from numerous different sources make the best diet!


Below are links to a series of focussed worksheets for this topic. The worksheets consist largely of 'Practice Questions' but most finish with more open ended questions to extend. Ultimately, students need to be able to answer questions from a variety of topics and contexts, but often it is necessary to spend some time focussing on particular skills whilst still in the process of learning them. The worksheets are clearly titled according to the particular sub-topic and come complete with answers.

1 Variable data

1 Variable stats on the GDC - Practice getting summary statistics from a calculator. answers.

 Averages from grouped data - A notorious area for student error! answers.

Standard Deviation - Calculate by hand and using the GDC. answers.

Cumulative frequency - Generating and using cumulative frequency graphs. answers.

2 Variable data

Scattergraphs - Plotting, analysing and interpreting (including linear regression). answers.

Chi 2 test of independence - Practising these tests from start to finish. answers.


Normal distribution and exercise to practice normal calculations both directly and inversely and using symmetry as well as the GDC.  answers.

Revision Notes

This is a series of 'Fill in the Gaps' notes that I have created to help students keep useful records of the course. The rationale is explained in more detail on the 'Exams and Revision pages. Essentially the aim is bridge the gap between Students making their own notes on a blank canvas and being given detailed notes that they did not create.

Stats Notes - Data Type (New 2.1, 2.2, Previous 6.1, 6.2)

Stats Notes - Grouped Frequency (New 2.3, Previous 6.3)

Stats Notes - Cumulative Frequency (New 2.4, Previous 6.4)

Stats Notes - Measures of Central Tendency (New 2.5, Previous 6.5)

Stats Notes - Measures of Dispersion (New 2.6, Previous 6.6)

Stats Notes - Scattergraphs and Bivariate data (New 4.2, 4.3, Previous 6.7, 6.8)

Stats Notes - Independence tests (New 4.4, Previous 6.9)

IB style questions

These will be past paper style questions to be used as a revision exercise at the end of teaching the topic. These are 'IB style' questions for the new syllabus that should help students to experience and build strategies for answering these types of questions. These can be given as preparation for a test of a similar nature available through the test page.

 Descriptive Statistics - 10 exam style questions with solutions.

 Bivariate Data - 10 exam style questions with solutions

 Correlation and regression Another 50 marks of IB style questions on this sub topic. Answers are included at the end.

Chi Squared - Exam Style Questions - 10 IB exam style questions worth 79 marks testing this idea, with solutions

Chi Squared Tests - ........... answers

 Normal Distribution   - These are P1 and P2 exam style questions on the normal distribution with  solutions

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