BCME 8 - Post 16 Maths

'What could compulsory mathematics look like?'

This page is designed to go with the session I am running at the BCME 8 conference in Nottingham, April 2014.

What could compulsory post 16 mathematics look like for students who might otherwise have left it behind? This session aims to show examples of rich, engaging activity that might answer that question based around the International Baccalaureate Mathematical Studies course which is the compulsory element for the IB diploma. We will look at this course's philosophy and examine it as example and then do some activities designed around that philosophy. The session should be a good mix of doing maths and discussion of the main question. Anyone interested in activities for post 16 and GCSE students who don't have mathematics at the top of their list should get something from the session and there will be plenty to take away.

The session will revolve around the following key ideas and questions...

  • What are the goals of compulsory post 16 Mathematics? What are the aims and objectives set out by the IB course?
  • What are the key elements we feel might belong on a compulsory post 16 course? What is on the IB Maths Studies syllabus?
  • Why do we choose these elements? What do we hope to get out of asking students to consider them?
  • How do we engage these students with these ideas?

The resources and activities on offer during the session can be found here...

 The False positive paradox

 Interpreting World statistics

 Impossible Triangles

 Making Cones

 Nerf Gun Roulette

 Visual Sequences

 Modelling World Population Growth

 The Wisdom of the Crowd

This session was run at the BCME8 conference on Monday 14th April.

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