Investigating an Aircrafts useful load.

Mark 14/20

I enjoyed this project because the candidate was generally able to pursue and area of interest to him.  The project is simple and very much in the spirit intended, particularly by the changes in the last curriculum. The student does not attempt a further process which does limit the mark but at the same time allows him to keep it simple. The mark of 14 is easily justified and possibly even a bit cautious, but it is nice to see an example where a student can get this mark without going in to further processes.

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The marks explained

AIntroduction2/3Page 2 offers the the title/research questions, the statement of task and a good detailed plan
BInformation3/3I have been harsh on this category in light of the examiners report from last year. This candidate was the only one I awarded three here. Given the effort the student had to go to, to get the data. It is debatable if this is primary or secondary data. obviously he has not measured it, but he has had to research manufacturers information to get it. The sample of 50 was a practical constraint given availability of information and time. the students data is well organised, well explained and has been put together in a form appropriate for analysis. There is enough quality and quantity to work with. 3/3 is the best fit for this student who's work is very much in the spirit of the exercise.
CMathematical Processes3/5Student has done some simple summative analysis which is appropriate and relevant - using technology to calculate mean, standard deviation of each data field and produce box plots . He has then commented on the common pattern of the offset median and IQR. The candidate then produces correct, relevant scatter graphs and has used technology to produce values for PMCC from the r squared value. These are correct - I have reproduced them myself using technology with the same results. All these process are listed as simple (using technology only) and there are at least 2 correct and relevant processes. The lines of best fit are justified (sufficient correlation) they are not explicitly used, but their purpose is implied in the statement of the relationship. 
Interpretation2/3For example, the scatter graph and correlation coefficient on page 7 is correctly interpreted. The graph on page 10 is also correctly interpreted with the candidate hinting at possible exponential tendencies. There are other less well interpreted elements, but the project does contain 'Correct interpretations and conclusions'
EValidity1/1The students comment on validity on page 11 acknowledging the need for more data SO THAT he had a more accurate cross section of aircraft (reason)
FStructure and Communication2/3The project reads well and flows in a logical sense. It is quite simple and easy to understand without digressing. The student was very committed, but perhaps the project was too simple to get to 3/3 here.
GNotation and Terminology1/2Student had made some use of correct notation and terminology - eg scatter graphs, reference to correlation, notation for PMCC.  I would want to see more mathematics to justify 2/2
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