Homicide Rates

IB Maths Studies: Homicide Rates

This is an able students who has, in general, shown excellent attention to detail and this has come across in this internal assessment. The student studies geography and has a real interest in human geography and this project was their idea from start to finish. Although I have seen similar projects I was pleased that they were able to follow their interests. The project essentially involves looking for patterns related...

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Comments 3

Ken Stirrat 20 January 2017 - 00:40

Hi Jim,
Thanks for the additional material on the IA, very helpful. I also liked this IA, clearly a student enjoying their work. Just a quick question on B. As there is no raw data included, would this limit the candidate to a 1 ? ,,,and what would raw data look like for this IA, I suppose the whole 3-4 pages of the countries with the respective GDP (PPP) homicide and homicide rates ?


Jim Noble 23 January 2017 - 07:03

Hi Ken - Absolutely correct about raw data. It was included, but I haven't put it here. I'll amend that. Its a key point though and when students organise large amounts of data in a spreadsheet, it is easy for them/us to forget and then it has to be a 1.

Ken Stirrat 26 February 2017 - 22:02

Thanks Jim. I actually like it with the raw data left out, as a good talking point for students when they do a practice moderation of this piece. Would suggest amending your B score to 1/3 and showing students how that can make a 1 or 2 mark difference.

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