Notes Files

Notes Files

As mentioned before, these files have arisen from looking for a solution to note taking in class. The result has become a useful revision tool. I did not want to spend time creative comprehensive notes for students to read and I did not want to simply give students a blank canvas. The happy medium are these files that ask a series of structured questions, the answers to which can be found in other sources or from my class notes or their records/memories. I might, for example, draw a diagram and ask that it be annotated. I have avoided creating past paper questions as this is a whole other type of revision and am more likely to give an example and its solution and ask the student to explain how I got from one to another.

The exercise itself is, or requires, revision, the result is a very useful set of notes from which they can revise in the future! I give my students these files digitally and ask them to complete them on their computers so that they can always be improved at the different stages of revision, but this can, of course, all be done on computer.

The Notes files themselves are available through the 'Practice' pages for all of the topics. This page contains a general directory (as a screen shot) with links below,

N & A Practice

Statistics Practice

L, S & P Practice

G & T Practice

Functions Practice

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