Models - New Syllabus 2019

What Changes are coming?

With changes just around the corner, this page is to help us all understand what changes are coming and the new syllabus compares with the old syllabus. There is already a lot of information available about the new syllabus here  Curriculum Review and 2019 and here  New Curriculum(2019): Applications and many of your questions will be answered there. We also highly recommend that you read both the April 17 and May 18 Curriculum review reports on My IB. More details are also available in these blog posts,  Final Report to teachers and  2019Note - This page is designed as a direct comparison between the current Mathematical Studies course and the coming mathematics, applications and interpretations SL course. Details on the new HL course are at the above links.

Mathematical Modelling

So on this page we will just have a quick comparison between the two syllabi

Current Syllabus

  • Concept of a function
  • Linear models
  • Quadratic models
  • Exponential models
  • Other models
  • Accurate graph drawing

Syllabus 2019

  • Linear functions and their manipulation
  • Concept of a function and function as a model.
  • Graphing and sketching functions with and without technology.
  • Technology for finding key features.
  • Different models - Linear, quadratics, exponential, cubic, Sinusoidal and direct/inverse variation.
  • Modelling skills

Points of Observation

  • There is a clear move here to make the focus of the unit to be the prupose and parctise of modeling, with the different types of models coming out of that rather than the other way around.
  • Sinusoidal models are back! Also, the specific mention of cubic models and direct/inverse variation.
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