Category 2 Workshop

This page is simply adding some key information about the first category 2 workshop for the new course that we will be offering in August 2019 in Berlin. Oliver Bowles and I will be running the workshop together and we are really excited about its first iteration. You can sign up for the workshop here. It is in Berlin from August 23 to 25, 2019 and will come just before many of us start teaching the course for the first time. Working with, meeting and exchanging with teachers from all over the IB community is such a privilege and a pleasure.The location is great, the venue is great and we have an excellent weekend planned for all of you that can make it. Here are some details that may be of interest to you....

Mathematics: Applications and Interpretation

Category 2 - Workshop - Berlin - 23 - 25 August 2019


This workshop provides opportunities for experienced DP teachers to explore and develop their understanding, delivery and management of this course in a collaborative workshop environment. Sessions will focus on the rich educational potential in the Mathematics: Applications and Interpretation course whilst covering all the key elements teachers should be aware of for both HL and SL. The workshop is underpinned by the essential aims and objectives of this course and the diploma program core and these will be running themes throughout. The workshop will involve a good deal of ‘doing mathematics’ both as a means of understanding the experiences our students are having and of exemplifying and sharing activity that can be used in the classroom. Our aim is that participants should leave full of fresh enthusiasm and understanding as well as an arm full of practical, useable activities for their students.

All participants will be asked to complete a short questionnaire in advance of the workshop to establish their key priorities.

Please not that we strongly recommend that participants bring a wireless enabled computer with them. (If it is not a personal device, then make sure that you have administrator rights)

We understand that at this time, experienced teachers will want to focus on specific differences between the current and new courses and are prepared for this too, to be a running theme.

Looking forward to seeing you in Berlin!

Session 1 - Setting the scene

This opening session is all about setting the scene for the workshop and getting to know each other. We will familiarise ourselves with all the key elements and requirements of the course, share experiences and establish the goals for the workshop. We will consider these in the context of unit planning so that each junction of the course allows us to build towards a unit planning exercise in the last session.

Session 2 Applications and Interpretations

We aim here to focus on some key drivers for this course about the relationship between mathematical concepts and applications and the focus on interpreting results. This session will involve a good deal of exemplification and reflection on activity.

Session 3 - Internal Assessment part 1

Here we will focus on developing our understanding of the tool used for internal assessment and how it can be used to inform our teaching. We will do this by looking at some sample explorations and the application of the criteria.

Session 4 - Internal Assessment part 2

Moving on from the previous session, we will focus on the strategies for successfully managing Internal assessment and integrating it into the course. This will involve exploration of the mathematical ‘Toolkit’.

Session 5 - Mathematical Activity

Whilst this is a key running theme for the whole workshop, this session will have a specific focus on the features of effective mathematics teaching within the framework of the Approaches to Teaching and Learning as set out by the IB. This session is about our day to day activity designing and using mathematical tasks.

Session 6 - Mathematical Modelling

Building on the previous session, our focus will shift to the many applications and methods for mathematical modelling and the key role it plays in so many aspects of this course.

Session 7 - Technology

As with the focus of many of the sessions, technology will also be a running theme, but here we will focus particularly on the evolving impact of technology on teaching and learning mathematics and how it contributes to our global goals. (As suggested above - it is strongly advised that participants bring a computer with them.)

Session 8 - Ideas and Resources

On a category 2 workshop, there is always a wealth of course specific experience in the room on which it is very important to draw. This session will provide us an opportunity to build on the previous sessions by sharing great ideas and resources amongst ourselves.

Session 9 - External Assessment

The relationship between the course and its assessment tool is paramount given the high stakes end we build towards. Here we will focus on how our teaching helps prepare students for external assessment and how, likewise, the assessments themselves must inform our teaching.

Session 10 - Planning

This session aims to wrap up the the workshop by focussing on how what we have done can be put forward in a unit planning exercise. The session will also be used for addressing any loose ends that have come up during the course.

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