Site Development

What to expect

This page is ultimately intended to keep users informed about what updates and changes they might expect from the site in the future. As I have already stated in a number of places, the advantage of web based subscription publishing should be an organic resource that continues to improve and expand and that the users themselves should have a big impact in how that development goes. At the time of writing there are over 50 fully resourced teaching activities and more than 140 worksheets, that make up part of 225 teaching materials. Browse these here. This is part of 170 00 words and 230 webpages that discuss, explain and support all aspects of teaching this course! I would hope that users would find this a considerable teaching resource! In addition, the site is constantly growing and improving. You can keep track of the regular Site Updates ​here to see what else you are getting for your subscription money and as evidence that the site is not static. As well as real updates thinking, developing and refining of ideas, activities and resources is always going on. I am a practicing teacher with the same concerns.

That said, there is so much more I want to add and I would really like to hear from users about what they would like to see added! I know that users will want additions in different orders and the best you can do is help me by telling me what you would like to see. In the mean time make use of the considerable resources there are already here. Please contact me on if you have suggestions or requests.

See below what my current priorities are

Jan/Feb 2015

  • I have resolved to fill some gaps on worksheets and revision notes for the  L,S&P and  Calculus sections
  • I am developing a new/practical introduction to calculus activity - A summary of these and the key ideas will appear on the site.
  • I am working with the the new guidelines on Approaches to teaching and learning and the requirement for unit planning that is coming in this year. I hope to provide some example unit plans that can form the basis of those that users can employ in their own schools.

The following outlines some of my more general priorities. 

ToK and the IB Core

I have begun a section on the  IB Core with subsections on Theory of Knowledge ​and the  IB learner Profile ​. I have plans for developing these to give even more ideas for how this can become an integral part of what we do.

Teaching Activities

Each topic teaching area comes with a series of 'Teaching Activities' designed to create experiences for students that help them to discover and explore the concepts in the syllabus. Along with these there are what I have called 'Quick ideas'. These are either less developed or just waiting to be put in to a publishable form. A priority will be to slowly turn these in to fully resourced activities.

Creating rich tasks is what excites me most about teaching and I hope that this is the part of the site that users enjoy most. As such, it is the part I would most like to make sure keeps expanding!

Practice Questions

Each teaching topic also comes with a series of relevant practice questions. These are essential and should ultimately become a useful alternative to exercises provided in a textbook. This will also be a priority.

There is a growing section of IB style questions. I am going to make these because we can never have enough 'IB practise questions'. As a practicing teacher though, I do not find myself in short supply of these and whilst a bigger selection will be excellent and will appear it will, and has been, growing slowly whilst other priorities are addressed


The IA section is already substantial and full of ideas and resources to help students and teachers with this huge task. At 20 % of the course it is of great value and is traditionally one of the bigger elements of the course. As such, I will be adding more and more to this. There is already a useful section of marked examples relevant to the new syllabus. I am a moderator for the IA and and draw on my experiences heavily here. New IA examples should appear later in the year.

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