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Hockney Collage6 December 2021

The project can be developed to use all of the MYP Arts criteria or each task can evolve into a discreet projectActivity 1Born in Bradford in 1937, David Hockney was interested in art from an early age.... more

Headlining... Lifelong Learning5 September 2020

In recent months, and most likely for the rest of 2020, the importance of lifelong learning has come to the forefront. We have watched scientists from around the world work together to unlock the mysteries... more

Lichtenstein30 June 2020

The project can be developed to use all of the MYP Arts criteria or each task can evolve into a discreet projectActivity 1This first activity will give confidence to all young artists as they use the... more

Take-away Units24 June 2020

The following units are designed to support MYP Language and Literature teachers during the Covid-19 crisis. The units can be taken and used by schools or individual teachers.For each year of the MYP,... more

MYP2 - One Moment in Time24 June 2020

On this site, you will find a completed unit planner, with suggested teaching activities, resources, and an assessment task.This MYP 2 unit focuses on the text type of Memoirs.Key Concept - Perspective more

Advertising Part 221 June 2020

The idea of a brand image is presented in this lesson, and students will examine the roles that symbolism plays in supporting or creating a brand image. Students will examine print and television adverts... more

Advertising Part 321 June 2020

In this lesson students will create either a television or print advert for a new brand. They need to employ the ideas of brand image as well as the advertising design features in order to complete the... more

Design Brief21 June 2020

This is the final phase of the ' Inquiring & Analyzing' section of the design cycle. It is also the item that is most familiar to professional designers as an important part of the design process. This... more

William Morris16 June 2020

Often described as the grandfather of the Arts and Crafts Movement, Morris embraced a vision of the artisan and cottage industries of the Middle Ages. When the popular culture of increasing industrialism... more

Analysis of Research14 June 2020

At this point, students have interacted with their client, brainstormed possible solutions, and constructed a plan to research items within their mindmap that include the type of research source and priority.... more