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Start here18 May 2020

Dianne is an Independent Educational Consultant with many years of experience in MYP Arts, pedagogical leadership, management and training. Outside her current role, she has worked for many years as an... more

MYP5 - Oppose it!24 May 2020

On this site you will find a completed unit planner, with suggested teaching activities, resources and an assessment task.The unit focuses on the text type of oppositional editorials.An assessment task... more

MYP1 - Change the World14 May 2020

On this site you will find a completed unit planner, with suggested teaching activities, resources and assessment tasks.This unit focuses on rhetoric and speeches.There are two assessment tasks for this... more

MYP2 - One Moment in Time24 June 2020

On this site, you will find a completed unit planner, with suggested teaching activities, resources, and an assessment task.This MYP 2 unit focuses on the text type of Memoirs.Key Concept - Perspective more

Advertising Part 18 June 2020

This lesson introduces some of the key techniques of advertising such as the six elements. Students will analyse a variety of print adverts to examine the role that these advertising design features play... more

Take-away Units24 June 2020

The following units are designed to support MYP Language and Literature teachers during the Covid-19 crisis. The units can be taken and used by schools or individual teachers.For each year of the MYP,... more

Take-away Lessons13 May 2020

The following lessons are designed to be used to support teachers who are using virtual classrooms due to Covid-19. The lessons are designed around the MYP inquiry cycle (Inquiry, Action, Reflection).... more

Headlining... Lifelong Learning5 September 2020

In recent months, and most likely for the rest of 2020, the importance of lifelong learning has come to the forefront. We have watched scientists from around the world work together to unlock the mysteries... more

The process journal29 May 2020

The process journal is an essential part of the creative process for our students and a requirement for MYP Arts. We should encourage our students to use the process journal as an essential tool in their... more

Resources for Teachers14 May 2020

Below you will find a collection of resources for teachers to use and we hope that you will find them useful. Some of these resources would be perfect to use whilst teaching online, others you may wish... more

Advertising8 June 2020

Advertising is all around us, it invades our lives, sometimes without our permission. This lesson series requires students to analyse a series of television and print adverts. Students will also work... more

Creating a positive body image5 June 2020

This year, Mental Health Awareness Week (13th - 19th May) focused upon Body Image and how we think and feel about ourselves. It's evident that social media platforms like Instagram can be a breeding ground... more

ATL - Self Management14 May 2020

Students may have an equally difficult time transferring to online learning, especially when surrounded by distractions whilst also dealing with the anxiety of our current context.At this time of uncertainty,... more

Lichtenstein30 June 2020

The project can be developed to use all of the MYP Arts criteria or each task can evolve into a discreet projectActivity 1This first activity will give confidence to all young artists as they use the... more

Advertising Part 321 June 2020

In this lesson students will create either a television or print advert for a new brand. They need to employ the ideas of brand image as well as the advertising design features in order to complete the... more

Approaches to Teaching14 May 2020

The global lockdown has certainly thrust many teachers around the world into uncharted territory. Approaches to teaching have to be reevaluated, as what works in the traditional classroom does not easily... more

Advertising Part 221 June 2020

The idea of a brand image is presented in this lesson, and students will examine the roles that symbolism plays in supporting or creating a brand image. Students will examine print and television adverts... more

William Morris16 June 2020

Often described as the grandfather of the Arts and Crafts Movement, Morris embraced a vision of the artisan and cottage industries of the Middle Ages. When the popular culture of increasing industrialism... more

If Earth Could Speak...24 May 2020

How can a writer bring their audiences into their world? One way is through the description and developed imagery. In this lesson, students will focus on the creation of a setting using descriptive techniques. more

Developing Ideas14 May 2020

At this point your students would have a pretty good idea about what their clients needs are. This is further articulated with the development of the design specification which details all of the required... more

Inquiring & Analyzing14 May 2020

During the 'Inquire and Analyze' section of the design cycle, students are presented with a situation or problem. This is where students will be brainstorming, researching, speaking to potential clients... more

Teaching Digitally14 May 2020

Teaching online is a completely new experience for many teachers. The reality of Covid-19 means that many of us have had to change our approach to teaching. This site is used to provide teachers with... more

Anthems Part 113 May 2020

This lesson introduces the anthem through John Lennon's Imagine and provides an opportunity to explore the connections between song and poetry.An analytical activity using the PEEL paragraph format and... more

Design Brief21 June 2020

This is the final phase of the ' Inquiring & Analyzing' section of the design cycle. It is also the item that is most familiar to professional designers as an important part of the design process. This... more

Hockney Collage25 May 2020

The project can be developed to use all of the MYP Arts criteria or each task can evolve into a discreet projectActivity 1Born in Bradford in 1937, David Hockney was interested in art from an early age.... more

Graffiti14 May 2020

How does the artist express themselves through a TAG?We will look at the evolution of graffiti, the major contributors, and consider how we, as artists can represent our identity through a Graffiti 'TAG'. more

ATT - Differentiation5 June 2020

Following on from our Webinar, here are some suggestions for practical ways to differentiate in a Language and Literature classroom. We recognise that there are many other ways to differentiate and teachers... more

Identify & Prioritize Research1 June 2020

This stage in the design cycle is probably one of the misunderstood items from implementation to execution. When this was first included in the MYP Design subject guide in 2014, it was debated heavily... more

Emergency MYP Design Plans14 May 2020

So your school has moved to an online, distance learning model. How do you continue to teach a 'practical subject' through an online situation?Anyone in this situation (which is nearly everyone at this... more

Virtual Gallery Tours and Arts Resources 14 May 2020

Thank you for visiting this site, as an Arts Educator it is a privilege to share my ideas and creativity.I hope you find the resources useful in these challenging times. They have been designed to provide... more

Identifying the Problem24 May 2020

Let's start at the beginning! When students are introduced to a unit or project there must be a problem or situation that they need to fix, innovate or solve. This can be a 'contrived' challenge or... more

Living Histories16 May 2020

Through these lessons, students will know more about why the first-person narrator's point of view matters in a historical context. They will enquire into the diaries of ordinary people, whose perspectives... more

Evaluating the Solution14 May 2020

This is a step that is often rushed as time is running out for the term, semester or year. Many teachers push back the 'evaluation' stage in favor of giving more time for the 'creation' phase. This... more

Selfie Destroyed 14 May 2020

Celebrity fashion photographer Rankin created a project benefitting a youth music charity where celebrities 'destroyed' their photographs and developed their images to express their self. In this project,... more

The end of this school year - a new beginning?14 May 2020

Whether your school returns to classes for the end of the school year, or is still closed and continues with online learning, how can service as action year-end activities restore and build community... more

Anthems13 May 2020

An anthem has the power to bring a community together and represent nations. In this collection of lessons, students will examine a range of pop anthems. They will analyze lyrics and music videos and... more

Analysis of Research14 June 2020

At this point, students have interacted with their client, brainstormed possible solutions, and constructed a plan to research items within their mindmap that include the type of research source and priority.... more

Learning to Blend 24 May 2020

Our expectations for what a school day looks like, sounds like, and feels like have been challenged and turned upside down as a result of the measures taken in most countries to slow the spread of Covid-19.... more

Living Histories Part 116 May 2020

In these uncertain times, it is important to document our perspectives and experiences. Students should also be included in sharing their perspectives and adding their voices to the discussion of this... more

Anthems Part 213 May 2020

In this lesson students continue their analysis of songs or poetry. The method of back formation is used. This method is where students are provided with the message or meaning of the text and are required... more

Learning to Blend Collaboratively1 June 2020

As schools have had to turn to using more technology for student learning as a result of school closures due to COVID-19, it has become clear that this may become the way of the future for education.... more

Living Histories Part 2 16 May 2020

In Part 1 of Living Histories, students spent time thinking about the value of their voices and the impact of a narrator's point of view. Now students will create their own diary entries. Your guidance... more

Creating the Solution14 May 2020

At this point students have consulted with their client and developed some possible solutions. Now it is time to practically work through the details of creating, making or producing the proposed solution. more

Taking time to look inward14 May 2020

As you think about that question, you are likely considering the benefits of reflection, the process of reflection and the actions that reflection may lead to.If a student asks you about reflection and... more

Anthems Part 413 May 2020

This lesson allows students to take their knowledge of inspirational anthems to write their own.In order to make the task more authentic, teachers could provide a context for the anthem. The context could... more

Anthems Part 313 May 2020

In this lesson students will demonstrate their understanding of analytical skills in an authentic situation. Students will present a pitch to sell an inspirational song for a charity.The analysis that... more