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The language of algebra 19 May 2020

You have been working on a universal language for many years now without knowing it. We can think of Algebra as the language...

2. Keeping the balance 14 May 2020

Teacher notes: The task below will be most suitable for students in MYP 1-3 or as a revision lesson to students in MYP...

4.How expensive would it be to open a bakery?  14 May 2020

The following activity follows from "Could you learn maths at home? and "keeping the balance" Students will be asked...

3. Rules of Balance 14 May 2020

Finding the unknownA mathematical statement containing an equal sign, a left-hand side and a right-hand side is called an...

1. Can you learn maths at home? 14 May 2020

Now that we all have to spend some time at home, can we really learn math by our selves? The question is one that my students...

Going Digital 14 May 2020

With a number of schools closed and with teaching moving online, its not always easy for math teachers to create activities...

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