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Nebraska astro simulations 9 September 2021

Many years ago the university of Nebraska - Lincoln Astronomy dept produced a superb set of simulations. With the demise of flash and java, they can no longer be run in your browser but... more

EE update 29 August 2021

The deadline for first draft is this Wednesday so I thought I'd give an update on progress. Many people think that 10 EE's is too many but so far it's not been a problem. My classes are completely student... more

SUPer EE 25 August 2021

Raj threw caution and my advice to the wind and decided to write his EE on the relation between the angle of a hydro foil and the lift. He took some time perfecting his experiment but in the end got some... more

More slow physics - Single slit diffraction 25 August 2021

One of my students said that he liked my videos and found them relaxing. That was just the sort of encouragement I needed to return to my slow physics video project. These are real time, non edited videos... more

Chromatic Aberration 21 August 2021

Khoa from Vietnam is writing his EE on Chromatic aberration and the achromatic doublet. Actually making an achromatic doublet is rather difficult so he is focussing on building a simulation. You can simulate... more

Burning rubber 21 August 2021

Another of my EE supervisees, Boris. He is investigating the relationship between the temperature and friction coefficient of rubber using the tyres of my Triumph Spitfire. In the interest... more

Unit planners on ManageBac 12 August 2021

Myy school has recently subscibed to ManageBac so I have had to start adding unit planners for my classes.It's up to your school as to how much you have to fill in but I think mt school has all the boxes... more

Interactive textbook 22 July 2021

After all my experimenting with interactive video and presentations I came to the conclusion that the most efficient form is text + animation interspersed with questions. Well we already have the text... more

Best of both worlds 18 July 2021

Thanks to Jennifer Large Smith from the Facebook IB physics teachers group, I have discovered edpuzzle. This gives a simple way to add questions to ready made presentations. So, I will make presentations... more

3rd time lucky 17 July 2021

I wasn't happy with my attempts at interactive video so I tried again this time with Google slides. I used gifs instead of video which gives a cleaner result. The gifs loop which is fine for repeating... more