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mind-flash: Gravity and circular 21 April 2021

Better late than never. more

End of year exam 16 April 2021

My students are all on campus so they will be doing their end of year exam on paper but I guess a lot of you will be needing something online so I made a version that can be set via student access. It's... more


That's 10 EE's I'm not sure if it's my all time record, I think I once supervised 12 but that might be only in my imagination, anyway it's the most I've ever had at this school.They haven't come far yet,... more

Mind-flash Power production 2 April 2021

I've been slowed down by the first year IA's. Got circular + gravity and HL waves to do, no way I can do that before Easter. I hate not reaching my own targets :-(. more

TOK 2022 12 concepts 2 April 2021

You may not have noticed but TOK has changed. The main differences are the introduction of 12 concepts and the exhibition. As far as we physics teachers are concerned our role is pretty much the same... more

Non linear 28 March 2021

Teachers often ask whether students have to plot straight line graphs in their individual investigation. The answer is no, This used to be the case but not anymore. This is good news since having to linearise... more

Mind-flash electricity and magnetism 24 March 2021

Almost done, just topic 8, circular motion and gravity left to do, looks like I'll beat my Easter deadline :-) more

Mind-flash atomic 21 March 2021

Another biggy. Next up - electricity and magnetism. more

Mind-flash thermal 18 March 2021

Atomic and nuclear next. more

Mechanics mindflash 16 March 2021

This one took me about 5 days! more