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Measuring angles from photo 25 September 2019

Amtul asked how to measure angles on a digital photo of light reflecting off a curved mirror, here's how to do it in GeoGebra.First I insert the image (a screen shot from Algodoo). Then make it the background... more

The big bang 10 September 2019

The PhET simulation is great but you can't beat real balloons for introducing electric fields. This year I bought extra big ones, not so good at sticking to walls but they make a big bang. more

Going to extremes 10 September 2019

Doing measurement of g by dropping a ball using the Pasco kit. Thought it might be an idea to try with the longest drop possible so I sent a couple of students outside. I think they knew... more

Unit Plans 1 June 2019

Whitgift has spent this academic year gearing up for our five-year review. In the Physics department, this means ensuring that our Unit Plans are up-to-date and live. We have several IB teachers so, to... more

Getting started? 26 May 2019

It's always humbling to welcome new users to ThinkIB Physics, and to know that we're serving the needs and wants of our experienced subscribers too. As we near the end of Emma's 'vlog series' (two great... more

Practical work (and Paper 3) 17 May 2019

May Papers 1 and 2 have been and gone and now it's the turn of Paper 3. As well as revising the theoretical content of Measurements and uncertainties we should also remind our students that there are... more

Group 4 Project 11 May 2019

The Group 4 project is a compulsory 10 hour teamwork task for all IB Diploma students (not just physicists). Unassessed and ungraded, it is often a highlight of the programme for students and teachers... more

Single slit distraction 8 May 2019

All physics teachers and technicians have at some time struggled to set up the ripple tank so that you can actually see something. Maybe best to leave it to the students, this is the result... more

Extended Essay 4 May 2019

We don't have huge IB cohorts at Whitgift, but quite a few of the students choose physics for their extended essay subject. This year I supervised a student who investigated how the concentration of cornflour... more

Activities 25 April 2019

It's possible to teach physics as a 'lord of the board'. In fact, many of us do. There are many good reasons why, including controlling the pace of learning, ensuring that we cover the course and being... more