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Making connections 21 November 2018

The end of the first term, yes, it's the end here, we break up on next Wednesday,. Anyway, the end of the first term is a good time to do a Mini investigation. Students are ready in terms of skills but... more

Cross and dot 31 October 2018

Yesterday Rayan asked an interesting question. " Mathematically speaking, why is work a scalar?" In other words, why does multiplying two vectors by the cosine of the angle between them give a scalar.... more

The wow factor 23 October 2018

I remember watching a BBC documentary on particle physics with my mum, when I was about 15. My mum always used to watch science documentaries with me, she probably has extensive knowledge of particle... more

Causing tension 13 October 2018

Omar had been doing the Masses and pulley practical but wasn't convinced that the tension in the string was the same at both ends. How can it be when the masses are different. My attempts... more

Physics gender gap (EM) 13 October 2018

Readers of Tes magazine might have noticed my article this week, which I hinted at in an earlier blog: Context is key to making an impact on the physics gender gap.This is a research interest that rests... more

How many zlings in your plodge? 29 September 2018

If an electron is accelerated through a potential difference of 1V it will gain a kinetic energy of 1 eV. How much kinetic energy will an electron gain if accelerated through a potential difference of... more

Physics in the garage? 25 September 2018

I think about physics every day but it's not every day that I use the knowledge in a practical way. There is a lot of physics involved in building a car but you don't need to understand... more

Tale of two books (EM) 23 September 2018

"A staggeringly beautiful read for physicists, classicists, philosophers and theologians" is how I described Carlo Rovelli's The Order of Time in my email bulletin to this year's Oxbridge applicants today.... more

See no evil, see no evil, see no evil 19 September 2018

Pretty unusual to have half the class colour blind, OK there were only 6 of us but even so 3 colour blinders in one class isn't an every day occurence. Of course we entertained the others... more

Site update (EM) 17 September 2018

It's here - the launch of the new site layout! Thank you for your patience while this work has been going on. I'll talk you through some of the main developments.The issue? Needing to go to many far-reaching... more