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Individual investigation 13 April 2019

What goes through your students' heads when you mention the IA?They may not be Sherlock Holmes, or on a venture to uncover the structure of DNA, but your students will conduct some meaningful work in... more

Revision 6 April 2019

The May 2019 exams are incoming with under 6 weeks to go - 17th May (Papers 1 & 2) and 20th May (Paper 3). But we needn't get panic-stricken. In fact, this is the time to relinquish our 'lord of the board'... more

1000 questions 30 March 2019

I've just completed my 1000th multiple choice question for studyib. This isn't actually the 1000th but it's a good example.The springs all have the same original length as the one on the left. The red... more

Student access 30 March 2019

This week it's the turn of student access in my video series. Check it out to watch me set up a new group within 2 minutes, and to learn about the types of assignment available:Emma more

IA again 27 March 2019

It's IA time again, I don't mean with the second years, they finished ages ago, their work is all off loaded, I mean uploaded. No. it's time for the first years to get started.... more

Instruction videos 24 March 2019

I joined Chris as an author on Think IB Physics last autumn. Since then you will have noticed changes to the site navigation and the addition of teaching support material to accompany the student resources.... more

It's omega not double u 13 March 2019

Maybe it’s just my students but they seem to have some sort of resistance to using the Greek alphabet. It might be due to the student centered nature of the course, they don’t... more

Standing on shoulders 7 March 2019

Newton was reputed to have said he achieved what he did by standing on the shoulders of giants which means he built on the work that went before him. Real scientists don't work in a vacuum, unless they... more

Gp4 project live 4 March 2019

Here are the blogs more

Money 14 February 2019

A couple of days ago I posted about this year's Group 4 project at UWCRCN. Students are going to measure electrical energy usage over a 24 hour period. The group that gets closest to the actual values... more