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Faking a Galaxy 10 June 2021

I have often tried to simulate the rotation of a Galaxy in Algodoo but always failed, today I succeeded. As you move out from the centre the rotation speed should increase but when you get to the edge... more

Interim EE advice 7 June 2021

I thought I would share the advice I just sent to my EE supervisees.Hi;Most of you are pretty much at the same stage so I thought I'd give some general advice. Writing an EE in physics is a bit different... more

Accidents will happen 19 May 2021

I was at an outside party the other night and someone got out a sort of skateboard thing with a motor. One of the teachers had a go and some interesting physics took place. The motor moved the board forward... more

Music from my physics lab 17 May 2021

Every other year the staff at RCN but on a show for the students, this is an other year so we performed. Always used to do do a live performance where I would do some sort of Mr Beanish performance but... more

Waves on a beach 14 May 2021

Mayssen is writing her EE on water waves, she wanted to analyse waves on a beach (she's from Morocco). But how do you measure changing wavelength from a photo taken from the land? The... more

Mixing our models 12 May 2021

A question about this PhET waves simulation made me think about how are use of analogies and models can sometimes confuse rather than clarify. Don't get me wrong, this is a great simulation but maybe... more

May 2021 6 May 2021

Just did paper 1 HL. Didn't know that tunneling probability was related to mass, and am not sure if field lines are a visual representation or a theory to explain concepts. ( I'd... more

The whole story 26 April 2021

It starts with a small red ball and ends with a red, a blue and a green one. more

How to do ratios questions 25 April 2021

Approximately 1/4 of multiple choice questions involve ratios. The reason for this is that calculators aren't allowed on paper 1 so instead of calculating final values answers are give in ratios. I use... more

mind-flash: Gravity and circular 21 April 2021

Better late than never. more