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Money 14 February 2019

A couple of days ago I posted about this years group 4 project at UWCRCN. Students are going to measure electrical energy usage over a 24 hour period. The group that gets closest to the actual values... more

Gp4 hands off / hands on 10 February 2019

That's my school in the photo. Plenty of snow but it's melting fast. Pity because it would be great to do a gp4 project in the snow. Some years ago we did actually plan such a project, bought lots of... more

Wolf blood moon 22 January 2019

A couple of nights ago (mornings actually) there was a lunar eclipse that resulted in a red moon. My students were alerted to the fact so got up early to have a look. One of them, Alberto, took this great... more

New lab :-) 11 January 2019

I like my lab it just doesn't fit in with the way I have adapted my teaching, great for the Lord of the board not so good for the mentor at the centre. The way it is now is traditional physics lab arrangement... more

Happy New Year! (EM) 3 January 2019

The dates have aligned this holiday to give me 3 weeks away from the classroom. I’ve enjoyed the opportunity to sit back and think carefully about my EdD research, to attend a Coaching course with valued... more

Google classroom idea 2 January 2019

For some time now, I've been using Google classroom to streamline the process of monitoring and marking the IA. One small problem is that you can't upload the marking grid to individual students but I've... more

Making connections 21 November 2018

The end of the first term, yes, it's the end here, we break up on next Wednesday,. Anyway, the end of the first term is a good time to do a Mini investigation. Students are ready in terms of skills but... more

Cross and dot 31 October 2018

Yesterday Rayan asked an interesting question. " Mathematically speaking, why is work a scalar?" In other words, why does multiplying two vectors by the cosine of the angle between them give a scalar.... more

The wow factor 23 October 2018

I remember watching a BBC documentary on particle physics with my mum, when I was about 15. My mum always used to watch science documentaries with me, she probably has extensive knowledge of particle... more

Causing tension 13 October 2018

Omar had been doing the Masses and pulley practical but wasn't convinced that the tension in the string was the same at both ends. How can it be when the masses are different. My attempts... more