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Reeyookan gets big mirror

Wednesday 6 November 2013

The photo isn't of Rjukan (or Reeyookan as the BBC reporter says) it's of the college I work at (taken from my study window) however we do have a shared problem with Rjukan; in the winter, part of the college sees no sunlight for about 3 months. I know I used to live in the part - until I moved up the hill where the sun shines all year. You've probably heard of Rjukan before, it's the town where they made heavy water in the 2nd world war, the heroes of Telemark and all that. It's also a place where the sun doesn't shine in the winter and that's why it's in the headlines this week. They've built a huge mirror on the hillside to reflect sunlight into the town centre in the winter. Maybe UWCRCN could do the same thing, they could direct sun onto the newly built ball park. Perhaps during the holidays it could be re-directed to the principal's patio?

Here's what the BBC have to say about it. I'm not sure that many tourists are going to be attracted by the possibility of seeing the sun reflected off a mirror though.

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