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5 fun physics phenomena

Friday 15 August 2014

I really wish they hadn't given the iflscience web site that name, they have some cool stuff but the name stops me from linking to it, however, I liked this one so much I'm making an exception. The video was made by veritasium who also do a lot of cools stuff.

  • The balanced cane is an old classic. As the fingers move towards the centre the force on the fingers becomes uneven, the friction under the finger with the least force becomes less so that finger slides under the cane until the forces are such that the other finger has the least force so slides under the cane. I think I'll make this in interactive physics. This one would be a great investigation.
  • I wonder if the mass of the phone is unevenly distributed? Does this happen with all phone shaped objects?
  • Not sure about the water one
  • Cereals contain iron.
  • The paper ash has low density and moves up with the rising warm air.

It's interesting to read the comments people make, some are well informed others sound technical but maybe nonsence.

I made the balanced cane simulation but it only seemed to work with low mass canes, interesting though.
It seems I was week late with this post, the explanations have already been posted. The one about the cereal and water is particularly interesting. Will have to try that one.


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