Sunday 1 July 2018

It's holiday time which for me usually means rock climbing and surfing plus all the travel that entails. This year it's more to do with car restoration, you can find out how that's going here.

What are 3 good reasons for becoming a teacher? June, July and August. It's a joke but I must admit that when I became  a teacher it was one of the reasons. Why do we have such long holidays? I sometimes find them a bit too long, takes some time to get back into gear and that goes for the students too, it's amazing how much they forget. "where are the cables"?    "How do you plot a best fit line?".   The reason for the long break is probably something to do with farmers and harvest but I have nothing top base this theory on. Reasons that are no longer relevant. Do students need to rest their brain for 6 weeks? Almost certainly not. Universities have long holidays too so it must be good. Well university courses tend to be taught in termly components examined at the end of term, the IB is a two year course. As I get closer to retirement maybe I'll start campaigning for shorter summer holidays for IB courses. Don't worry though, the teachers union would never accpet it.

18 Jul 2018
Reverse test
15 Jun 2018


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