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Ways to use students no.1

Sunday 2 September 2018

It's time for my students to hand in a first draft of their EE which in reality means time to do some serious work on it. The idea is that students should do most of their research in the summer holiday but this isn't always possible. For example Geireann couldn't hang his friends off a climbing rope without his friends or a climbing rope so this weekend, under my supervision, he hung my rope from a tree at the top of a 20m cliff then got his friends to hang on it. The EE is about what physical properties of a climbing rope make it particularly suitable for climbing. The results of this experiment revealed that it certainly does not obey Hooke's law. The rope is now considerably longer.

So, the first in this series of ways to use students is as hanging masses.

7 Sep 2018
Emma Ohm
27 Aug 2018


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