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Happy New Year!

Thursday 3 January 2019

The dates have aligned this holiday to give me 3 weeks away from the classroom. I’ve enjoyed the opportunity to sit back and think carefully about my EdD research, to attend a Coaching course with valued colleagues and to catch up with important people and places. From games of frisbee golf and walking in the beautiful (but foggy) Mourne mountains with family, I have found many moments of pleasure with physics in mind.

While this photograph does it far from justice, I was stunned by Wolf Alice’s use of a glitter ball at the Brixton Academy – I don’t think I’ve ever seen one in a space of this size before! The entire room was coated in thousands of bright lights from just two original sources. Perhaps I’ll look for a little one for the prep room – it would pack a wow factor!

It’s been satisfying to make some updates to the Study DP Physics site (still free!) and found the wonderful open-source Circuit Diagram project. The online editor is tremendously easy to use for putting together circuit combinations, and images can be exported or published. I haven’t even checked out their simulator yet!

I don’t spend anywhere near enough time reading but was sent this gem for Christmas from my aunt. Radford’s years as science editor of the Guardian have seen him pay a close interest to the Voyager space exploration project, with which he begins and ends The Consolations of Physics. Its historical and philosophical leanings would make an interesting read for any student with a sincere interest in the Nature of Science.

So what does the new year bring? My last 20 students’ university applications will be checked, approved and sent, I’ll get started on my next research project and mock exams marking will be sure to bring some highs and lows. I’m also delighted to be in the process of making a series of short video guides to help you to get the most out of this site – I hope you’ll cope with my Northern Irish accent!


Tags: rotational dynamics, convection, reflection, electric circuits, nature of science


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