Friday 5 April 2019

The May 2019 exams are incoming with under 6 weeks to go - 17th May (Papers 1 & 2) and 20th May (Paper 3). But we needn't get panic-stricken. In fact, this is the time to relinquish our 'lord of the board' status, put the last few resources in place and let the students come to us with their final problems.

For the ultimate guilt-free Easter vacation or study leave, set up Student Access for your class and check out my latest instructional video on Revision (below and Getting Started).

With Think IB you can set 50 Author's Quizzes in seconds for students to do their final Paper 1 multiple choice prep and the Required Practical pages are a must-see before Paper 3. There are too many Activities and Problems for students to tackle again in full, but selecting all pages for your class ensures that they can take control when working towards Paper 2.

If you've got students in need of more tuition, make sure to remind them about StudyIB. Students can access all resources on Mathematics, Mechanics and Thermal Physics for free with a Basic subscription, as well as getting revision notes and flashcards across all of the Core.

With all in place, it's time to breathe and relax...




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