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Thursday 25 April 2019

It's possible to teach physics as a 'lord of the board'. In fact, many of us do. There are many good reasons why, including controlling the pace of learning, ensuring that we cover the course and being motivated to keep our own expertise at a high level.

But sometimes we can take this too far. Teaching every section of new content as a lecture, tightly managing student contributions, having notes, equipment, visual aids and simulations ready to go, marking things between lessons, and the pressure of the spotlight can be exhausting. Instead, shouldn't our students contribute this effort from time to time?

The ThinkIB Activities should help to solve these problems. These are our take on worksheets, written for students across all course topics. With students doing the work, you are free to circulate the room and support them as the lessons progress. Activities are also a solution for blended SL and HL classes, and for accommodating a genuine choice (!) of Option.

Make sure your students have access to the site for optimum interaction or print out in advance if no computers are available.



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