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Group 4 Project

Sunday 12 May 2019

The Group 4 project is a compulsory 10 hour teamwork task for all IB Diploma students (not just physicists). Unassessed and ungraded, it is often a highlight of the programme for students and teachers alike, a great opportunity to enhance your students' Learner Profile!

We're both keen to get outdoors, so like to plan our Group 4 projects for the summertime. This can also be a fun way to round off Year 1 (before your students bury their heads in extended essays for the vacation). At Chris' school the project is planned for a 24 hour period, usually with quite a fixed objective on a science or technology theme ("Light an LED with a model turbine"). At Emma's school, the project is part of a week off timetable (in which exchange visits and parent events take place), so it's possible to have more open-ended global themes ("Making food transportation more sustainable").

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