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End of year exam

Friday 16 April 2021

My students are all on campus so they will be doing their end of year exam on paper but I guess a lot of you will be needing something online so I made a version that can be set via student access. It's not easy converting an exam for use online, one problem is error carried forward. The IB often get around this by using a "show that" question but if you use show that in a fill in the blank format then you give the game away. To get around the fill in the blank is to more significant figures than the answer used for the next part of the question.

Most of the questions are fill in the blank but some require a written answer, due to the way written tasks and quizzes are handled on thinkib, these have to be separate. The blank answer boxes are therefore at the end the page, I hope this isn't too confusing. This also means that when you set the page as a task you will have two entries in your grade book for paper 2. The fill the blanks quiz score and an unmarked written task. You will have to mark those yourself.

End of 1st year exam 2021 paper 1 

End of 1st year exam 2021 paper 2 

If you already have set up a class in student access it is a simple matter of allocating the pages to the class. This is most easily done via the student access tools above the left hand side bar. Set it in exam mode so that students can't reveal the answer after they have completed each question. There would be nothing wrong with doing that but it might not be very nice for a student to know each time they got a question wrong. If however you are setting it as a revision exercise it might be best if it's not in exam mode.

I've just finished making these exams s they haven't been tested. I would appreciate it if some of you use this as a revision exercise that you could inform me of any errors. You can use the comments on this page for that purpose.

I'll also upload paper versions (pdf) for the lucky ones.


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