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Music from my physics lab

Monday 17 May 2021

Every other year the staff at RCN but on a show for the students, this is an other year so we performed. Always used to do do a live performance where I would do some sort of Mr Beanish performance but now I am too Mr Beanish to perform in this way. Students wouldn't know if I was trying to be funny, in which case they should laugh, or just being normal and they shouldn't. This year I thought I would make a video of me playing music with the physics apparatus, sonometer, tuning forks, signal generator, sliding whistle and boomwhackers. The problem is I can't play music so I asked a local musician and friend if he could help out, and help out he did, not only with the music but also the video. Incredibly the music is actually played on the apparatus I use but I am not playing it.

The students liked it :-)


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