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Wednesday 25 August 2021

Raj threw caution and my advice to the wind and decided to write his EE on the relation between the angle of a hydro foil and the lift. He took some time perfecting his experiment but in the end got some data relating the angle of the foil and the angle of an SUP he had attached it to, the assumption being that the greater the lift the bigger the angle. The problem was then to show that this assumption was actually true. The free body diagram of the situation wasn't particularly helpful since there were too many variable, the buoyancy, the angle of the rope, the pulling force, the lift and the drag. To show that the lift was indeed related to the lift he performed a simulation in Algodoo.

This worked very well and showed that the angle was proportional to the lift. A nice bit of research even though the uncertainties are huge.

EE update
29 Aug 2021


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