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Keep your hat on 21 April 2017

Apparently Robin gets a knot in his tassle if I wear his hat for the whole lesson. Maybe he'll get an extra one if I publish the photo.Last lessons for second years today which means they will be throwing... more

Russling under the table 19 April 2017

I was wondering where Robin was then I heard something under the table and my question was answered. This is Russ time in Norway which means that students go around dressed in red doing... more

Seat of the pants 14 April 2017

Here's something I wrote for my schools website.I never liked doing “seat of the pants” stuff, as Tony Macoun would put it, but that’s how it was being an administrator with a full-time teaching... more

Reflected glory 1 April 2017

Here are the winners of the Norwegian Physics Olympiad 2017. The one on the right is Nikita and he won, he is also my student. Hurrah and congratulations. He is obviously very good at problem solving... more

F=μN spells Fun 29 March 2017

I've been using this equation for years and only just noticed that it spells fun. It doesn't really of course since that's a mu not a u and fun doesn't have an equals sign in it but you see what I mean.... more

One over the eight 18 March 2017

These are my EE supervisees for the coming session. as you can see there are 8 which isn't one over the eight its just 8. That's good because one over the eight is one too many which is bad. However there... more

Pigs and toast 17 March 2017

Piglet was born yesterday as a result of several hours of thinking about ways to help my students remember definitions. First I thought of flash cards, I've never used them so why should I expect my students... more

Quark lark 17 March 2017

I was having a look at the OCC forum and a post by Sonia Castro caught my eye, a quark building game. You don't build quarks of course, they are fundamental, you build baryons and mesons. I haven't tried... more

Sinusoidal rainbow 16 March 2017

A nice slinky wave over the fjord. I wonder what the world record for the highest harmonic ever achieved in a slinky by hand is. If your students achieve a high number send me a photo, it will make my... more

Sonometer recital(+ Shah) 14 March 2017

It's not every day you can get a bit of international mindedness into your physics lesson and I have to admit this example is scraping the barrel. I usually like to show off my sonometer... more