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How does the virtual tutor work? 18 February 2017

It's not easy to explain so I made a video showing one of the paths through a learning network on the gas laws. Basically you start with a problem and are guided through by asking and... more

New revision aid for students 15 February 2017

It's a year since I had the idea to create a virtual tutor for teaching how to solve physics problems but now it's ready to be tested. We had to design a whole new way to make the pages but now have an... more

Thankyou thermodynamics 8 February 2017

It's been a very mild winter but not mild enough to halve our electricity bill, that´s due to the heat pump we had installed before Christmas. Our house is way warmer but costs less. OK, the heat pump... more

You nit 1 February 2017

My physics teacher was a Grimsby town supported, his name was Mr Cheetham. He wore a tweed jacket with elbow patches and was obsessed with units. If we got the units wrong on our homework he'd write "You... more

Networking 20 January 2017

The question looks quite straightforwardA 1000 kg car travels up a 15° Hill at a constant speed of 80 kmh-1. Calculate the power of the engine (ignore resistive forces). But when broken down into a network... more

keep your eye on the pig 12 January 2017

Always worth timing many cycles when trying to find out the time period but maybe timing the same one over and over again is not going to improve the accuracy of the experiment.Interesting how the simple... more

Pigs in orbit 11 January 2017

Its pig time again.Ilaria is measuring the height of the pig above the ground but first she has to catch it. Might have been easier to wait for the pig to fly past rather than chasing after it. Reminds... more

Hat last 25 December 2016

I've been dropping hints all these years but eventually I got one and its a whoppa. Too big for the photo. Quite timely since I've just made a worksheet on Relativistic mechanics including the Mexican... more

Lifes little disappointments 8 December 2016

My class said they had made me a Christmas present and this is all I got. Oh well, it's the thought that counts. Actually it's even worse, it was only Adrian who made it, the rest... more

Brochure boy 27 November 2016

I recently found this photo in a pile of old climbing magazines. It was taken when I was a student at Leeds University. I'm pouring liquid Nitrogen into the outside jacket of a flask containing liquid... more