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Universe sandbox 26 March 2014

One of my students (Antonio) sent me a link to this superb universe simulator, Universe sandbox. I've only just downloaded it but it looks great. The full version costs $9.95 but so far I've just got... more

Letter to the moderator 23 March 2014

I've just finished putting together my sample for the moderator, which sounds dubious for those not familiar with the IB but it isn't. I mark electronically so the only time I see students work on paper... more

EE Happiness 21 March 2014

Today was what we call a global concerns day, the theme was happiness and we had everything that makes students happy. Short presentations by their friends, chocolate biscuits at break, hamburgers for... more

New discovery in the battery bucket 8 March 2014

My first year classes have been doing the conductivity paper experiment this week so I had to get out the box of 9V batteries. The problem is the box contains a mix of new and old so the first thing... more

Old dog new tricks 7 March 2014

I've had a SMART board for about 6 years but am still learning new tricks. Thanks to Mazen for this neat way of grouping objects. In this example I want to rotate the Michelson Morley apparatus so need... more

Don't Mock 27 February 2014

Today my students are taking their trial exam, some people call it a mock exam but I don't think it should be mocked. When invigilating real exams you can't do things like write blog post of course since... more

The google wave challenge 25 February 2014

Last weekend I was at the subject specific seminar in Istanbul getting as much information as possible about the new syllabus. When discussing possible investigation topics Andreas (Tsokos) our workshop... more

Julia Lipnitskaya 18 February 2014

I'm not following the winter Olympics very closely but know that Norway are not doing as well as (we) expected, something to do with the wax on their skis I believe. One news clip that caught my eye... more

Telescope experiments 11 February 2014

The new syllabus contains some "required experiments" that means that your students have to do them and they must be recorded on the good old 4psow. Well I suppose they had to have some reason for holding... more

Jason's questions 7 February 2014

Jason always asks interesting questions, today he wanted to know if the age of the universe was twice as old as it is now wouldn't the Hubble constant be the same? His reasoning was that if space was... more