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Ears are for hearing 3 April 2013

It's revision time again. Well at least it is with my SL class, won't have any time for class revision with my HL. Just got time for the second option before the end, must admit we're pushing it a bit... more

Electromagic 25 March 2013

Ever since last July, when I bought this magic wand, I've been dying to use it, now at last I'm doing electric fields with my first year classes. I almost forgot that I had it so they almost missed a... more

Overground heating 24 March 2013

Although we haven't had as much snow as London the due to some very cold, dry weather the snow we have had has stayed for a long time. The cold is good for preserving snow but no good for car batteries,... more

Hot wheels 22 March 2013

I've been been looking for one of these sets for years, so I was really excited when I walked through the local toy shop to find this for only 99 kroner (about £12). I used to have one when I was a... more

frEEzing water 15 March 2013

It's still winter here in Norway, no daffodils or snowdrops yet, only thing to look at on the way home is snow and ice. With the continual thawing in the day and freezing at night there are lot of icicles... more

51st word for snow 11 March 2013

I noticed this interesting phenomena on the way home from school. This snow has been around for ages now. Every day the sun comes out and each night it gets really cold, the result is snow with a very... more

four words 2 March 2013

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words well this one is worth 4. "colour blind physics teacher". It's not that I can't see the difference it's just that colours aren't so obvious to us colour... more

No resistance 28 February 2013

One of my 1st year classes has just been doing the "EMF and r" lab. Before I could run this lab I had to repair all of my multimeters that due to abuse by former students all had blown fuses. If the... more

Pananorama 23 February 2013

This photo of London taken from the BT tower doesn't look very impressive but it's a screenshot from what is supposed to be the highest resolution panorama of a city ever taken. You can try zooming in... more

Toast 22 February 2013

I have been teaching physics for so long that I have developed "physics teacher syndrome". I can't help spotting physics in every day situations, these seem interesting to me but when I talk about to... more