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Launch party 18 January 2011

Well today the website went live so hello to anyone who has just been redirected here from the old site. I guess I should be having a party but there's no one home at the moment so I'll have to put the... more

Star bright 17 January 2011

I've been noticing a very bright planet visible in the South east every morning for the past couple of weeks so apparently its Venus and the one in the evenings is Jupiter. On Thursday I started my journey... more

Time to start revising 10 January 2011

The holidays are over and its time to start the process of revising first for the trial exams then the real thing. That's not to say that I have finished the course because I haven't. I always hope... more

Aurorasome 6 January 2011

Last night I saw the Aurora Borealis. It was nothing like this picture by one of our students (Matthew Enger) of the aurora over the college last year. Photos usually look better than the real thing... more

Flushed with success 3 January 2011

Last week our water froze which means we have to carry in water and flush the toilet with a bucket. It's amazing how much more efficient the real flush is compared to using a bucket. I have experimented... more

Snow shoes 3 January 2011

I bought myself a pair of snow shoes and have just been out on the hill to try them. When buying snow shoes you have to get the correct length, this is calculated on your weight, the heavier you are... more

Two clocks 19 November 2010

I was chatting to another physics teacher, Chris Folland, at a workshop in Malta the other week. We were talking about how we physics teachers like neat solutions to simple problems and he told me about... more

Lollipops 19 November 2010

Not exactly a lollipop but it is ice on a stick. I've noticed this phenomenon for many years and often wondered what caused it. On cold mornings , even when there isn't frost on the ground, large crystals... more

Chernobyl on Wheels 19 November 2010

The Guardian again but this time an article about transporting of nuclear waste. It's said to be like "Chernobyl on wheels" by some observers but Chernobyl was a rather outdated nuclear power station... more

Fast Orbits 18 November 2010

I was reading the weekly Guardian and noticed an article on the International Space Station that said it orbited the earth 16 times an hour, thought this was a bit fast and it is. The actual rate is... more