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Activity teaching orderfree12 October 2019

The whole course can be delivered through the activities on this website, Chris has been doing it this way for some years. Here is his teaching order.In this practical the mass and diameter of different... more

solutions1 October 2019

1. A voltmeter with resistance 10kΩ is used to measure the pd across the 1kΩ resistor in the circuit below.Calculate the percentage difference between the value with and without the voltmeter. more

Activity: Types of force30 September 2019

When a string is attached to body and pulled the force is called tension.connected bodiesGravitational force (or weight) is the force that attracts bodies with mass to the Earth. The force is proportional... more

Activity: Capacitancefree25 September 2019

First let us consider a metal sphere.You can see that the potential is proportional to Q, the ratio Q/V is called the capacitance of the sphere.Capacitance = Q/VUnits CV-1 or Farad (F) more

Projectiles in GeoGebrafree24 September 2019

Dowload and install GeoGebra from the GeoGebra website.In GeoGebra you can define the position of a point on a graph by an equation but first the variables in the equation must be defined. The variables... more

Activity: Generators and transformers21 September 2019

In this section we will be considering a rectangular coil rotating in a uniform magnetic field, this is best viewed in 3D.Consider a power station producing 100 MW of power at 30 kV, calculate: more

Activity: Current and resistance19 September 2019

If you place a ball on a hill it will roll down the hill moving from a position of high potential to low potential. + charges do the same.If a solid is placed between two positions of different potential,... more

Activity teaching order (Options)18 September 2019

The options contain some interesting physics but not all students have the same interest, most schools offer only one option so a student passionate in astrophysics might be disappointed to hear they... more

Test: Electrical power (2)11 September 2019

Blank test more

MCQs: Measurement and Uncertainties10 September 2019

Measurement and Uncertainties 30/12/2015 : Migrated more