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Mind-flash The complete corefree21 April 2021

Well, almost. Circular motion, gravitation and HL waves still to be done.Depending on your internet speed, these presentations might take some time to load. more

mind-flash: Gravity and circular21 April 2021

Better late than never. more

4.1 (+9.1) Oscillations20 April 2021

It would be impossible to write an equation for the motion of a fly buzzing about a room (or a hummingbird about a woodland). There needs to be some pattern in the movement that we can replicate mathematically.... more

6.1 Circular motion16 April 2021

If you have ever found yourself hanging on for dear life as you are flung in a circle on a white-knuckle ride at the fairground, it is easy to arrive at the conclusion that there is a force pushing you... more

End of 1st year exam 2021 paper 216 April 2021

Use g = 9.81 ms-2 more

End of year exam16 April 2021

My students are all on campus so they will be doing their end of year exam on paper but I guess a lot of you will be needing something online so I made a version that can be set via student access. It's... more


That's 10 EE's I'm not sure if it's my all time record, I think I once supervised 12 but that might be only in my imagination, anyway it's the most I've ever had at this school.They haven't come far yet,... more

End of first year exam 2021 paper 113 April 2021

First year exam 2021 11/04/2021 : more

Study guide / Guía de estudiofree10 April 2021

International Baccalaureate Diploma ProgrammeWritten by Chris HamperEdited by Emma MitchellPrograma del Diploma de Bachillerato InternacionalWritten by Chris Hamper more

TOK physics: Intuition and analogyfree9 April 2021

Knowledge questionsIs intuition a substitute for knowledge?Can we understand something without imagining it?How can analogies aid our understanding?A lot of physics is about what happened next here is... more