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Getting startedfree23 June 2019

New to IB?New to teaching physics?Or new to the ThinkIB resources?In this section we'll help you to get stuck in, covering everything from the need-to-know aspects of the IB Diploma to great teaching... more

Teaching sequencesfree16 June 2019

This is my plan for the two year course. The times are the IB suggested times. I teach a combined class (HL and SL) in the first year then they split into HL and SL in the 2nd year, if I were teaching... more

Activity teaching orderfree11 June 2019

The whole course can be delivered through the activities on this website, Chris has been doing it this way for some years. Here is his teaching order.In this practical the mass and diameter of different... more

AHL tests11 June 2019

Projectiles Carnot cycle and 2nd law Doppler effect Diffraction Resolution Polarisation Gravitational potential Escape velocity and orbits Electric Potential more

Aperture size and depth of field (Alberte 2017)free23 May 2019

The effect of aperture size on depth of fieldIntroduction As one of the main ways of regulating the brightness of a photo, aperture size is a term widely used in the world of photography. However, altering... more

Solution23 May 2019

1. 4 perfectly elastic balls are projected at a speed of 10ms-1 into a perfectly elastic container as shown in the simulation. As you can see the balls do not stay in the box but bounce out. To stay in... more

Teacher Notes: Uncertainties17 May 2019

According to the subject guide "an attempt should always be made to quantify uncertainties" in raw data, this implies that the student does not necessarily have to get it right but that they have made... more

Gravitational potential test8 May 2019

Gravitational potentialGravitational potential answers more

Activity: Waves in a ripple tankfree3 May 2019

Investigate the characteristics of waves in a ripple tank (real and simulated)Introduce Huygens construction.Use Huygens construction to explain reflection. refraction and diffraction.State Snell's law.Solve... more

P1 Nov 201129 April 2019 more