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Gravitational Fields15 December 2018

The myth is that Newton realised that an apple fell because of gravity but I don't think he was the first person to notice that an apple fell because it was pulled downwards. The big breakthrough was... more

Unit Planner: Atomic, nuclear and particle physics14 December 2018

Start date:Diploma assessmentxPaper 1xPaper 2Paper 3InvestigationText book referenceHamper SL 229 - 263Transfer GoalsList here one to three big, overarching, long-term goals for this unit. Transfer goals... more

MCQs: Forces15 September 2018

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MCQs: Newton's 1st law15 September 2018

48Photographs courtesy of © Ian Britton - more

Worked Solutions17 June 2010

The IB mark scheme gives the letters of the correct answers but not the complete solution. The examiners report gives some more details and statistics but again no worked solution. Here I have written... more

Unit Planner: Energy production14 December 2018

Start date:Diploma assessmentxPaper 1xPaper 2Paper 3InvestigationText book referenceHamper SL 271- 301Transfer GoalsList here one to three big, overarching, long-term goals for this unit. Transfer goals... more

Activity: Mini investigationfree12 November 2018

In this activity you will perform an experiment related to a small bow and arrow made from a piece of plastic from an ice cream carton and a drinking straw. The bow is used for firing arrows so most experiments... more

Activity: Particle nature of matter14 November 2018

You probably already know and accept that everything is made of atoms but it might be worth looking at why we think this. Is there any other possibility? Could matter be continuous? Ancient Greek philosophers... more

MCQs: Newton's 2nd law15 September 2018

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Not a checklistfree13 October 2014

One of the advantages of the old system of internal assessment was that it was quite easy to produce a checklist for each criteria. This was also one of the aspects that the assessment team didn't like,... more

Beginners guide1 August 2018

From 2014 practical skills will be assessed in two different ways, the internally assessed (and externally moderated) investigation and the externally assessed question on a list of prescribed practicals... more

Logistics30 March 2014

This depends very much on when other deadlines are in your school but it can’t be too early as not enough of the course will have been covered and students with English as an additional language would... more

Getting startedfree16 September 2018

New to IB?New to teaching physics?Or new to the ThinkIB resources?In this section we'll help you to get started, covering everything from the need-to-know aspects of the IB Diploma to great teaching and... more

MCQs: Newton's 3rd law15 September 2018

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A bad example16 January 2016

The subject guide says that the investigation should have "appropriate complexity & depth" but what does that mean. Here is an example that doesn't. I should point out that this was not done by one of... more

Analysis18 March 2014

Analysis of data is basically what we used to call data collection processing and presentation plus a bit of the evaluation. As with the other criteria this is a holistic assessment based on the whole... more

MCQs: Gravitational Field15 September 2018

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Worked Solutions17 June 2010

The IB markshemes are essential for understanding how the marks are awarded but are not complete solutions, for that reason I decided to make my own with some comments in red. Due to copyright reasons... more

Optional Practical: Flying Pigfree16 September 2018

In this practical the acceleration due to gravity will be found by measuring the time period of a pig flying in a circle. Note: this experiment can also be done with flying cows, dinosaurs and even planes.... more

Activity: Introduction to waves16 September 2018

Introduce the concept of waves and there characteristics.Define quantities related to waves.Investigate the behaviour of a wave pulse in a string.Understand that a continuous wave is composed of a series... more

Introduction to IB Physics2 December 2018

The IB has a mission statement in which we have highlighted the distinctive components of this curriculum.The International Baccalaureate aims to develop inquiring, knowledgeable and caring young people... more

Activity: Gravitational fields and potential16 September 2018

The Earths gravitational field is the region of space where a particle of mass will experience a force towards the centre of the Earth. Does this mean that the international space station is not in the... more

Problems: Gravitational fields15 September 2018

1. The diagram below represents two spheres of equal density placed a distance 18R apart. If the field strength at point P is zero show that r = 2R more

MCQs: Temperature and heat15 September 2018

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P1 May 2009 TZ1free7 November 2010


MCQs: Fuel15 September 2018

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Practical: Rectifier circuitfree15 September 2018

In this practical the input and output of a half wave and full wave rectifier will be investigated with a datalogger.Depending on the equipment available you can either build the circuit by clipping components... more

Practical: Verification of Boyles lawfree15 September 2018

In this practical the pressure of a sample of gas trapped in a syringe will be measured with a pressure sensor.Boyles law states that for a fixed mass of gas at constant temperature the pressure will... more

Activity: Forces as vectorsfree16 September 2018

A push or a pullThe unit of force is the newton, 1 N is approximately the force required to hold a mass of 100 g.Imagine two strings attached to some object. Two forces can be applied to the object by... more

MCQs: Wave particle duality15 September 2018

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How To guides16 September 2018

This site was first launched over 10 years ago. In that time:We always make sure that this site keeps up with the changes to the bigger picture so that you can concentrate on teaching your classes. more

Activity: SHM, energy and phase16 September 2018

Investigate other oscillations.Explore the changing energy in an oscillation.Sketch graphs of KE and PE vs time and position.Introduce phase difference.Not all oscillatory motion is SHM but if it is you... more

Activity: 1D waves16 September 2018

Define the difference between longitudinal and transverse waves.Introduce polarisation.Sketch displacement time and displacement position graphs for a wave.Understand how standing waves are formed.Investigate... more

Moderation30 January 2016

The purpose of moderation is to ensure that there is some consistency between teachers in different schools. Moderators are IB teachers or retired IB teachers, who have applied to the IB. The application... more

Magnitude15 December 2018

This topic requires the manipulation of logarithmic equations. probably not worth doing the derivations with SL students unless they are good at maths.There is not much to go over in class but it is worth... more

Introduction to the sitefree11 December 2018

We hope that you will find the Getting started section useful if you are new to the IB, physics teaching or these resources. Returning subscribers are also advised to check out this area to make sure... more

PBL: Gravitational potential16 September 2018

A 1kg ball is at the bottom of the 10m deep, round hole shown in the image.The ball is pushed out of the hole at constant speed by exerting a force in the horizontal direction.Lines of equipotential are... more

MCQs: Speed and velocity15 September 2018

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Activity: Electromagnetic induction30 October 2018

Take a magnet, move it in and out of a coil and observe the EMF induced across the coil.This can also be done with a simulationexercises on page 252Faraday's law multiple choice more

MCQs: The nucleus15 September 2018

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MCQs: Oscillationsfree15 September 2018

Oscillations 30/12/2015 : Migrated more

MCQs: Vectors15 September 2018

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Choosing a Topic12 February 2011

Choosing and extended essay topic is probably one of the most difficult things a student will ever be asked to do. At university they will undoubtedly be asked to write essays of similar length and much... more

Activity: Making a videofree14 December 2018

In this fun activity you are going to make a video explaining a physical concept e.g. Work.This is a group activity If you want to record real examples you will need a camera if you don't have one then... more