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Measurements and uncertainties14 December 2018

This topic is the first in the Subject Guide, and there are some aspects that will need to be tackled before your students can commence other physical concepts. For students who have not studied physics... more

Activity teaching orderfree20 July 2019

The whole course can be delivered through the activities on this website, Chris has been doing it this way for some years. Here is his teaching order.In this practical the mass and diameter of different... more

Activity: Measurement and uncertaintyfree16 September 2018

In this practical the mass and diameter of different balls of Plasticine will be measured in order to verify that the mass of a sphere is proportional to the cube of its diameter. This is a simple experiment... more

Activity: Mini investigationfree12 November 2018

In this activity you will perform an experiment related to a small bow and arrow made from a piece of plastic from an ice cream carton and a drinking straw. The bow is used for firing arrows so most experiments... more

Introduction to the sitefree14 August 2019

We hope that you will find the Getting started section useful if you are new to the IB, physics teaching or these resources. Returning subscribers are also advised to check out this area to make sure... more

Worked Solutions17 June 2010

The IB mark scheme gives the letters of the correct answers but not the complete solution. The examiners report gives some more details and statistics but again no worked solution. Here I have written... more

MCQs: Vectors15 September 2018

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Activity teaching order (Options)free24 July 2019

The options contain some interesting physics but not all students have the same interest, most schools offer only one option so a student passionate in astrophysics might be disappointed to hear they... more

Activity: Electric potential1 October 2018

If a constant force moves a distance d in the direction of the force the work done is F x d. If we plot a graph of F vs x we can see that the work done is the area under the graph.This is also true if... more

Activity: Introduction to waves16 September 2018

Introduce the concept of waves and there characteristics.Define quantities related to waves.Investigate the behaviour of a wave pulse in a string.Understand that a continuous wave is composed of a series... more

Problems: Velocity and speedfree15 September 2018

1. A car travels from A to B as shown on the map below. The distance from A –B is 50km and the car starts off at an average speed of 50kmhr-1 hoping to make the journey in 1 hour. After 20km the car... more

How To guides21 December 2018

This site was first launched over 10 years ago. In that time:We always make sure that this site keeps up with the changes to the bigger picture so that you can concentrate on teaching your classes. more

MCQs: Speed and velocity15 September 2018

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Optional Practical: suvat (GeoGebra)free15 September 2018

In this exercise the mathematical modelling programme GeoGebra will be used to show how the motion of a particle is related to the equations of motion and vice versa. First you will need to download and... more

P1 May 2009 TZ1free7 November 2010


Activity: Making a videofree14 December 2018

In this fun activity you are going to make a video explaining a physical concept e.g. Work.This is a group activity If you want to record real examples you will need a camera if you don't have one then... more

MCQs: Electric potential15 September 2018

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MCQs: Electric fields15 September 2018

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Optional Practical: Rolling ballfree15 September 2018

In this practical the motion of a ball rolling off the end of a ramp will be analysed using video. The video can either be taken with a camera or phone or using the webcam on the computer. To record using... more

Solutionsfree10 September 2012

1. The paddling pool in the photo is 8ft diameter and 1.5 ft deep. If it was filled with oil instead of water would its mass be more or less? Calculate the difference in mass if filled with water and... more

Activity: SHM, energy and phase12 March 2019

Investigate other oscillations.Explore the changing energy in an oscillation.Sketch graphs of KE and PE vs time and position.Introduce phase difference.Simple harmonic motion is defined as motion where... more

Problems: Electric field15 September 2018

1. An electron is accelerated in the electric field shown. Calculate the velocity of the electron just before it hits the top plate (ignore gravity).Mass of electron = 9.1 x 10-31 kgCharge of electron... more

MCQs: Atomic models15 September 2018

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A bad example16 January 2016

The subject guide says that the investigation should have "appropriate complexity & depth" but what does that mean. Here is an example that doesn't. I should point out that this was not done by one of... more

Problems: Electrostatics15 September 2018

1. Three positively charged spheres +Q are placed at the corners of an equilateral triangle as shown. Show that if a 4th charged sphere of charge -Q/√3 is placed in the centre the charges will be in... more

Problems: Projectile motion15 September 2018

1. A ball is thrown at 50ms-1 at an angle of 30°towards a raised area as shown in the picture. Calculate the range (final horizontal displacement) of the ball.2. An arrow is shot at a target as shown... more

MCQs: Fission and fusion15 September 2018

fission and fusion 30/12/2015 : Migrated more

Optional Practical: Angle of slopefree15 September 2018

In this practical the acceleration of a cart down a slope will be measured for different slope angles. By plotting a graph of the results a value for the acceleration due to gravity will be determined. more

Activity: EM radiation and the atom11 January 2019

When electric current is passed through the filament of a light bulb the light bulb gets hot and emits light.You may not have noticed this but when you heat a piece of metal it first glows red then as... more

MCQs: Binding energy15 September 2018

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Moderation8 March 2019

The purpose of moderation is to ensure that there is some consistency between teachers in different schools. Moderators are IB teachers or retired IB teachers, who have applied to the IB. The application... more

Gravitational Fields15 December 2018

The myth is that Newton realised that an apple fell because of gravity but I don't think he was the first person to notice that an apple fell because it was pulled downwards. The big breakthrough was... more

Activity: Dopplerfree16 September 2018

The Doppler effect is the change in frequency due to relative motion between source and observer (HL p181). This is often observed when a car drives past sounding it's horn (not such a regular occurrence... more

Activity: Fuels16 September 2018

Fuels are chemicals that are burnt to produce heat energy which can be converted into mechanical energy by an engine or turbine which is used to turn a generator to produce electricity. The energy in... more

MCQs: Projectiles15 September 2018

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MCQs: Graphs of motion15 September 2018

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Optional Practical: Iterative SHM (Excel)free15 September 2018

When a body executes SHM its acceleration is proportional to its displacement from a fixed point and always directed towards that point, this obviously means that the acceleration is not constant however... more

Not a checklistfree13 October 2014

One of the advantages of the old system of internal assessment was that it was quite easy to produce a checklist for each criteria. This was also one of the aspects that the assessment team didn't like,... more

Logistics30 March 2014

This depends very much on when other deadlines are in your school but it can’t be too early as not enough of the course will have been covered and students with English as an additional language would... more

PBL: Gravitational potential16 September 2018

A 1kg ball is at the bottom of the 10m deep, round hole shown in the image.The ball is pushed out of the hole at constant speed by exerting a force in the horizontal direction.Lines of equipotential are... more

PBL: Doppler effectfree16 September 2018

I've never played angry birds but know it's something to do with throwing birds, I guess that's what makes them angry. We are not going to throw the birds but we'll release them one at a time from a moving... more

Activity: 1D waves16 September 2018

Define the difference between longitudinal and transverse waves.Introduce polarisation.Sketch displacement time and displacement position graphs for a wave.Understand how standing waves are formed.Investigate... more

Activity: Collisions16 September 2018

If you can't remember how to use video analysis here is a video.A collision in which both momentum and KE are conserved.Remember momentum is only conserved if the balls are isolated, this is a problem... more

Problems: Energy Flow15 September 2018

1. The diagram below show the Sankey diagram for an engineIf 106 J of energy are put into the engine how much energy is converted toa. Heat due to frictionb. Heat loss more

Problems: Resistance15 September 2018

1. At 0°C a steel cable is 1km long and 1cm diameter when it is heated it expands and its resistivity increases. Calculate the change in resistance of the cable as it is heated from 0 - 20°C more

MCQs: Oscillationsfree15 September 2018

Oscillations 30/12/2015 : Migrated more

MCQs: Temperature and heat15 September 2018

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