Case Study 2

Group 4 project 2010

The second time we had a "new style" group 4 project we kept to the same format as the first time meeting the students the evening before etc. (we always have the same format now) but instead of having a choice of projects we stuck to one theme (advancements in staff teamwork). The theme was "how to make our college more environmentally friendly". This theme nicely tied in with our colleges environmental focus and our ongoing application to gain environmental certification "miljø fyrtårn". Each group prepared a powerpoint presentation to show to the rest of their group.

Campus Greenhouse

An investigation into the possibility of building a greenhouse on campus. This involved finding out:

  • what vegetables could be grown
  • what amount of vegetables the college needs
  • Where the greenhouse should be sited
  • how to provide energy for the lights and heat
  • how much it would cost

Taking a Shower

Could the energy used for showering be reduced? This is a hot topic (sorry) and one that I always talk about with my physics class. This investigation involved:

  • measuring the temperature and rate of water flow in a shower
  • surveying the student body to find out how many hours are spent in the shower
  • using simple physics to calculate the energy used
  • finding out how heat from waste water can be reclaimed

Waste water

Several groups focused on how to recover heat from waste water, this group concentrated on the water from the student laundry room uncle Tom's cabin (It's not what you think). Interestingly they also found out that the kitchen already have a similar system that was installed recently.

  • researching possible systems on the internet
  • calculating amount of energy (money) lost
  • estimating how much could be saved

Osmotic Power

This is a great new source of electrical energy being developed in Norway a country with plenty of fresh water meeting salt water. The original plan was to research possible ways that the college could produce it's own energy but they soon focused on this.

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