Here is a list of everything that I use to run my practical program. I have a lot more equipment in the lab but it's not used very often (spectrometers, oscilloscopes, adiabatic gas law apparatus, optical benches). Students doing extended essays in physics might need something extra so worth saving something in you budget just in case. The list is what I use per student pair so if you have 10 students multiply by 5.

Lap tops for students who don’t bring one (with camera)
LoggerPro ,data studio, Algodoo and audacity software on all student laptops
Meter rulers
30cm plastic rulers Ruler
Metal tracks (Curtain rail) Ball on a slope, Angle of slope
Proper track plus carts (PASCO)
Various balls Rolling ball
Pulleys to fit on end of tables
Interface (PASCO or VERNIER I have both)
2 Light gates Card Drop
Motion sensor Mass of cart
Force sensor Hookes Law
Flying pig Flying Pig
Plastic piping and empty bottles Ball in a tube Hydro Power Simulation
electric kettle Specific Heat capacity
temperature sensor Hand hot
Small test tube (borrow from Chem lab)
Ice-cream box (empty) Resonance in a bucket Ice cream carton motor
Sliding whistle Sliding whistle
Drinking straw Drinking straw waves
Sonometer plus pick up Sonometer FFT
Set of boomwhackers Boomwhackers
Vibration generator Wave in a String
Light sensor Intensity of Light
Magnetic field sensor
Conducting paper (PASCO)Conducting Paper
Voltage sensor
Nichrome wire (6 different diameters) Resistivity of NiChrome
Neodymium magnets
9V battery and connectors EMF and internal resistance
Low voltage power supply Variable power heater
Connecting wires Coils and magnets
Assorted resistors
Measuring cylinder (borrow from chem lab)
non alcoholic beer Decay of Beer Foam
Spectrum glasses
laser Diffraction
Spectral light source (one for the class)
Box of mecano (construction set) Mecano
Assorted rubber bands Range of a rubber band
Mini solar powered car
Solar cells Solar powered car
Play doh Resistivity of Play Doh
Slinky spring Standing waves in a slinky
Balloons Balloon Drop
Wooden sticks Hanging beam
Assorted wire
Assorted springs Springs
Stands and clamps
Blu tack
Duct tape
Vernier caliper Diffraction

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