Angle of slope (Algodoo)


The speed of the cart is so small that the effect of air resistance is quite small so it's affect can not really be noticed, however if you build this experiment in Algodoo then you can increase this factor to see what would happen.

Building a cart on a slope

To build a simple cart follow these instructions Motion of a cart in Algodoo

  • Build a ramp using the "sketch tool" . To make straight line press and hold in the shift key, drag out the line then release the shift key each time you want to change direction.

  • Place the cart on the slope using the "move" tool and adjust it angle with the "rotate objects" tool .

  • To produce a graph of the speed against time right click the cart and select show plot.

  • You want the x axis to be time and the y speed, if this is not the case click the axis buttons and select the correct variables to plot.

  • Run the trolley down the slope and observe the graph.
  • Adjust the air resistance by double clicking the air resistance button and varying the coefficients. Why do some coefficients have a bigger effect than others?
  • You could also vary air resistance by changing the size of the cart.
  • You can't add friction to the axles but you could take the wheels off and slide the bock down the slope. Friction is varied by right clicking the block and selecting "material". This opens a window that enables you to change the coefficients of static and dynamic friction.

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