Rectifier simulation (Falstad)


Unfortunately the PhET ac circuit simulator doesn't have the option to use diodes however there is an excellent simulator from Paul Falstad that does. It's not quite as easy to use as the PhET version but once you get the hang of it it opens up a whole load of possibilities for investigations.

Using the simulator

  • Open the circuit simulator here
  • The default simulation is a circuit with a capacitor and coil, remove this by choosing blank circuit from the circuits menu.

  • To add components right click any where on the black area and you will see a list. The diode is an active component and a resistor a passive component. The power supply can be found under inputs/outputs.
  • Place the component by clicking on the circuit area and dragging the component out between the relevant point.
  • Delete components by right clicking on the component.

  • To measure the voltage across a component you right click the component and select "view in scope"
  • Build half wave and fullwave rectifiers using the simulator and display the input and output voltage.

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