Loggerpro basics

Plotting a graph

This exercise carries on from the introduction to datalogging. You are going to plot a graph using the results from that experiment, if you have lost them or missed that class you can use the results in the table below.

You are going to plot the graph using  the computer programme “Loggerpro".  Open the programme and you will see a blank table on the left and a blank graph on the right as shown below.

Copy the data from your table of results into the Loggerpro table, you can do everything in one go.
To add titles to the columns double click the column header, you will get a box like the one shown below.  Fill in the title and units.

The graph will be plotted automatically if it you can’t see it click the autoscale button

You should now have a graph like the one below.

Note that the mass has been plotted on the x axis and the temperature change on the y. This is because mass was the quantity you changed (independent variable). Temp was the quantity that changed because of the change in mass (dependent variable). To swap the axis you click the label and select the one you want.

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